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Myths Around Cancer Crowdfunding Campaigns You Should Avoid

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    Myths Around Cancer Crowdfunding Campaigns

    Crowdfunding is a cost-free method of raising money for startups, individual causes, or local causes. However, it is erroneously assumed that crowdfunding doesn’t require a significant financial investment. You will need a team, which will cost you some money, to raise awareness of your campaign and manage it efficiently. Additionally, you require money to run advertisements on social media sites to raise awareness of your cause.

    Given below are some common myths about cancer crowdfunding-

    Potential donors are simple to find:

    The idea that finding participants in crowdfunding is simple is a prevalent one. Even if many individuals would like to help the cause for which you are raising money, they might not be able to do so.

    This may occur if they are unaware of your campaign at all. As a result, in order to spread the word about the fundraiser campaign and attract participants, you must run advertisements. Mouth-to-mouth awareness is also crucial. To disseminate awareness, you need a powerful, sizable team.

    Assistance from well-known people ensures a campaign’s success:

    It’s a widespread misconception concerning crowdfunding to believe that enlisting the support of people who have a large following will make your campaign more successful. This does not guarantee that you will succeed in your endeavours.

    Campaigns should run for a long period to raise funds:

    Awareness of your cancer crowdfunding campaign is important, but you also need to make people understand and believe in your campaign’s motive. Think before paying such individuals high amount of fees just to increase awareness. Campaigns tend to gain momentum in the beginning and hit a plateau in the middle, then again gain momentum at the end. If you keep your campaign running for too long, then people would lose enthusiasm and might pull back their support. During the middle period of a campaign, it gets slow and boring, which can backfire on your whole purpose of running it for a longer period. 

    Moreover, it increases your workload as you need to keep engaging with your audience regularly by providing new content to them. You also need to keep updating them about the funds collected so far. 

    Money cannot be raised for a person:

    A larger cause indeed attracts a wider audience, but it is untrue that money cannot be raised for an individual. People will agree to assist someone if their need is genuine and they discover that they are facing a true catastrophe.

    Many people around the world have experienced financial and medical crises as well as other challenges as a result of this pandemic. In these trying times, many people had come forward to ask for assistance, and they had received it.

    An idea is enough for campaign success:

    Your cause must be appealing to not just you but to others as well for them to participate. Even then, just a good idea is not enough for the success of the campaign. 

    You need proper planning and management to make your campaign a success. You will also need a team to help you and some funds to start a fundraiser. A solid plan and execution will gather enough support to reach your goal. 

    Only for crises:

    One of the most widespread misconceptions regarding crowdfunding is that it is only used for crises. People launch fundraisers for a variety of reasons, including funerals, education, medical expenses, and more. Many people are no longer able to pay their bills or take care of their basic requirements because they have lost their employment or their parents. These individuals launch campaigns to solicit assistance and raise money for bill payments.

    Starting fundraising requires the backing of an organization, which is untrue. A well-known organization or non-governmental organization is not necessary to launch fundraising. Any person can start a fundraiser for oneself or for a friend or acquaintance who needs money.

    Fundraising can be started by anyone who has sincere motives and identification. Maintain as much transparency in your campaign as you can to win over the public. Show the intended audience how and where you plan to use this cash to further the cause.

    You could pay someone to manage your campaign:

    Yes, there are reputable management companies and experts who can organize and oversee fundraising on your behalf. But in order for them to understand your idea and aim, you must be there with them at all times. In addition, these businesses will charge you for running a campaign.

    Even if you employ a professional to complete the work, you still need to handle everything on your own. You cannot just rely on them to complete the entire task for you.

    It takes time to launch an internet fundraising campaign:

    The idea that it takes a lot of time to launch an online campaign is a fallacy about crowdfunding. In actuality, starting your fundraising and connecting it to your social media platform and advertisements just takes a few simple steps. With Ketto, you can easily launch your online fundraising campaign by entering a few campaign-related facts such as the campaign’s goal, organizer, objective, and payment method. Additionally, you can connect your fundraising to your social media ads and profile. It simply takes five to ten minutes to launch your campaign when you have planned everything and are certain of your motivation. Learn what crowdfunding is and how it functions.

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