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National Technology Day

    National Technology Day

    Technology is the process of applying scientific knowledge to improve the quality of human life and make the industry more efficient. While we may remember the launch of a satellite, we tend to forget the capabilities of the simple device that most of us carry. Yet, it is our window to the world. That’s what happens when technology becomes part of our life.

    To honour the people who have made many things possible for us and acknowledge their achievements, India celebrates Technology Day on May 11th every year.

    The remembrance is a tribute to all the scientists, engineers and technologists in India for their significant role in its progress. The day also keeps us aware of the importance of technology in our daily life.

    National Technology Day: History

    The Government of India chose May 11th in 1999 to be the technology day. It marked the first anniversary of May 11th 1998, an important day for the Indian Scientists and Technologists. Three major feats were achieved on the day:

    1) Nuclear tests were carried out in Pokhran, Rajasthan, under Operation Shakti. The day marked India’s entry to the very select world nuclear club.

    2) The first indigenous developed aircraft, Hansa-3, soared to the Bengaluru skies. The two-seater light aircraft developed by the National Aerospace Institute was meant for flight training, espionage and other missions.

    3) The test launch of India’s first surface-to-air missile was also carried out on that day. It was a DRDO project as part of India’s Integrated Guided Missile program.

    National Technology Day: Events and Celebrations

    A) The Technology Development Board, an autonomous body under the Ministry of Science and technology, gives away national awards to individuals/institutions for their contribution to science and technology.

    B) Several lectures, seminars, and workshops are organized across the country by the government’s various science and technology institutions.

    C) Popular programs aimed at common people are also arranged to increase awareness.

    D) Each year the program focuses on a particular theme. The theme for 2022 is an integrated approach to science and technology for a sustainable future.

    Even if May 11th is a busy day for you, please take a minute off from whatever you are doing to pause and reflect on the achievements of our technologists. Please remember that most of us remain busy because of the efforts of technologists and scientists.

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