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The Best Preventive Measures for Covid-19

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    “Coronavirus,” the word, has enough power nowadays to throttle the peace of people except those who are consistently taking preventive measures to break the chain and stay safe. By now, you are pretty much aware of how to be safe amidst the roaring pandemic. Still, every day there’s something new that pops up in newspaper articles to confuse you. So lets uncover some of the most preventive measures for Covid-19.

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    Here are some preventive measures that you can rely on if you are trying to stay away from the deadly virus:

    Practise Double Masking

    It is through the nose that we inhale and exhale most of the time. Foreign bodies like the coronavirus or its mutant strains have the easiest way to enter your body through your nose and mouth. Therefore, you must wear a mask to prevent infection. But why double masking? Recently, a study by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that the face is better covered and air leakage can be prevented better by wearing a cloth mask and a surgical mask together. Yes, it is troubling in the heat to cover your face with two masks, but your safety is of paramount importance.

    Wash Your Hands Frequently

    Some of us have the habit of touching our face every now and then, which makes us prone to getting infected by the virus unless we wash our hands regularly. Throughout the day, you come in contact with a variety of objects and people. Maybe the surface you just touched was contaminated or the delivery boy who delivered your product had come in contact with an infected object while travelling. Several such possibilities of getting infected can be nullified by washing hands with a liquid hand wash or soap. It would not only reduce your chances of catching the virus but also stop it from spreading around.

    Physical Distancing

    It is crucial that we maintain a safe distance of at least 1 metre with other individuals in order to break the chain of the coronavirus. Whether you are taking a short walk after dinner or welcoming relatives at home, don’t forget to emphasize keeping a hand’s distance from each other. In parks, restaurants, metro stations, markets, and other public spaces, more people are present, and you don’t really know if they are the carriers of the virus. Therefore, physically distancing from others is the way to go. It is amongst the most notable preventive measures for Covid-19.

    Avoid Unnecessary Outings

    Well, the best way to prevent a virus that enters from outside is to stay at home until it is absolutely necessary to step out. While shopping for essentials, travelling for work, emergencies, etc. are unavoidable, attending a wedding, going out for lunch at your favourite restaurant, staying the night at a friend’s place, or attending a crowded event can be skipped for the better. Even if you have to go out, don’t touch your face unless your hands are properly sanitized.

    Keep Sanitizers Handy

    Sanitizers with a minimum alcohol percentage of 70 can be your saviours by killing the lethal virus. Make sure you allow your hand to dry and use sanitizers only when soaps and handwashes are out of reach. Don’t forget to spray or pour it on your palms before and after touching a surface exposed to random strangers. Sanitize the currency notes and don’t become complacent over time.

    Disinfect Purchased Items and Surfaces

    In times of the pandemic, even shopping for essentials is risky, and for this very reason, the masses have switched to online platforms. However, any package arriving inside your home can contain the virus, whether purchased from a local shop or through other channels. It is, therefore, necessary to disinfect items before allowing them a place inside your home as a preventive measure. For packaging material and products not meant for direct consumption, you can use surface disinfectants. Vegetables and fruits can be washed using liquid disinfectants. Moreover, fabric disinfectants have also made it to the market, and you can use them to depurate your clothes. 

    Wash/Discard Masks After Use

    Even if you use your cloth mask for  10 minutes, make sure to wash it properly. In the case of N95 masks, it is advisable to throw them into the dustbin after every use because making them properly reusable is quite complex and technical.

    Avoid Smoking

    Smoking directly affects your lungs, and so does the coronavirus. To be better prepared for the pandemic, you have to sacrifice the cigarettes (yes, we are only talking about smokers here). It also happens sometimes that two people share a single smoke, which can be utterly hazardous in the context of Covid-19. 

    Get Vaccinated

    Vaccination proceedings are in full swing, and you must take the first available opportunity to get the jab. But make sure to maintain physical distancing at the vaccination centre and follow the other necessary precautions mentioned above. You become fully vaccinated only after taking two shots of the vaccine. However, even afterwards, don’t consider yourself invincible to the virus which is consistently mutating. 

    There’s nothing more precious than life, and it is our collective responsibility to stop the fatal coronavirus from spreading more and more. If you diligently follow the preventive measures mentioned above, the day when the virus ceases to exist wouldn’t be far away.

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