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Role of Crowdfunding in Pandemic

    Crowdfunding in Pandemic

    WHO warned all the governments to be prepared for even bigger pandemics after the outbreaks of Ebola and SARS. However, most of the governments failed miserably to handle the Covid-19 pandemic. While governments failed miserably to manage health care services, NGOs, and small organizations played the biggest role of Crowdfunding in Pandemic.

    The concept of crowdfunding was introduced in the public domain way before the pandemic. However, the impact of it was truly felt during the pandemic when it helped millions of people to survive.

    Ketto is one such fundraising platform that revolutionized the digital world during the pandemic. Available as a mobile app, it brought people together as a social community. On the flip side, it allowed anyone to start a fundraiser for free and helped countless people meet their ends.

    A medical fundraiser can help those who need medical supplies, oxygen, or hospital beds. The user-friendly interface of Ketto helped needy people to reach humanitarian organizations and NGOs with a single click! The role of crowdfunding in pandemic needs to be viewed in a broader sense especially while understanding how our society perceives things. Let’s see the origin of crowdfunding and how it came into effect in the last decade or so:

    Historic Background

    The concept of crowdfunding is not new to the world. Religious organizations, political parties, and humanitarian organizations have always used them for the welfare of people. In India, leaders like Shri Bal Gangadhar Tilak collected one paise per person to start a small-scale industry in Maharashtra. It became popular as the ‘Paisa Fund’ and helped hundreds of people earn a living.

    The impact of crowdfunding was immense even then. With social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. it has become even bigger these days.

    It is easy to contribute online. However, you should validate whether your money will be used for the right cause or not. On Ketto, you have the option to interact with victims, health experts, and people interested to make donations. It is a platform created to aid people who are suffering and is trusted by more than 55 lakh donors.

    Pre-covid Scenario 

    The scene in crowdfunding was overwhelming even during the pre-covid days. It was being used to raise funds for those people who are facing critical ailments or injuries.

    Celebrities indulged in charity and often campaigned for both offline and online crowdfunding. However, the common people still did not have enough access to crowdfunding tools and options.

    With COVID, people have become more aware of each other’s needs and shortcomings. When the dearth of oxygen cylinders troubled even the rich, it became evident that even money cannot fulfill all the needs. The role of crowdfunding is not only to collect money but to bring people together for a just cause.

    Mobile apps like Ketto have gone a step ahead and created a podium to openly discuss your issues and problems. The issue need not always be financial. Sometimes, even mental and moral support could bring lots of joy in the life of people.

    While the focus of most people was on their physical wellbeing, many people ignored the importance of mental health. People who were forced to sit inside their homes for almost a year showed severe symptoms of depression and stress.

    Unable to cope with the mental pressure, many preferred to commit suicide. It was during these times that fundraising apps like Ketto came into play. It allows you to share your feelings and emotions with anyone in the world. With the cushion of the digital world, anyone can bounce back in their lives with apps like Ketto!

    Post-covid scenario 

    The surge in the fundraising platforms after the Covid-19 outbreak has been noticed in all social circles. Where governments are failing to reach every needy person, people are coming forward through social media platforms. A rapid increase in the fundraisers and donors came as a ray of hope during these dark times.

    By helping create more than 2,00,000 fundraisers to date, Ketto is playing a leading role in this digital movement. People are refraining to go to hospitals or clinics due to fear

     of catching an infection.

    Thousands of medical experts are working relentlessly on this platform for first-hand treatment for both small issues and big ailments. There is a lack of employment everywhere and businesses are getting closed every day.

    Therefore, a lot of people are facing the worst days of their lives. The role of crowdfunding in getting immediate relief for those who have lost earning opportunities due to Covid is huge.

    Many employees switched to business and many businesses were able to sustain in the market. It was possible because of the gracious donations that were made by both common people and celebrities.


    The role of crowdfunding in pandemic is being appreciated everywhere. People who are in financial distress need something like this to transform their lives. However, it does not mean that people should blindly join and donate to fundraisers. With Ketto, you need not work only in the capacity of a donor.

    You can be someone who increases awareness among people or you can share your experiences with others. If you are a medical worker or doctor, you can provide consultation and immediate advice for those in need. After gaining full confidence in these fundraisers, you can donate with an open heart to make a difference in the lives of people.

    It is free to join this social community via your mobile so visit and make your first contribution today. Also, you will be able to help those who are suffering due to medical and financial needs. Download Ketto today and be a leader in this digital revolution! Read How to Stay Fit and Healthy During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

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