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SIP – Monthly Donations Benefit Donors and the Cause

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    SIP - How Monthly Giving Benefits both the Donor and the Cause

    Causes drive the world. That is the fundamental reason why so many donors today opt for monthly donations.

    Monthly donations are becoming increasingly popular among charitable organizations as well as individual donors. If you ask us why, it is because when you donate monthly, you become an active part of an organization. The organization values you for being active, and you get to see where and how your money is being utilized.

    Monthly giving started with child sponsorship programs. Donors could pick a child and sponsor their education or healthcare. What kept them attached were the little thank you notes from these children and real-time updates about them from the organization.

    But times are changing. What started as a gesture of goodwill now has unforeseen advantages for both the donor and the cause. Here is how monthly giving benefits both the donor and the cause.

    Benefits to the Donors When They Donate to SIP

    Smaller monthly donation amount: We have all experienced financial crunches at the end of the year. Monthly donations can save that from becoming a hurdle. You can break down your yearly donations by a factor of twelve. This small amount will hardly ever shake your monthly budget.

    Many payment options available: To donate monthly, you do not have to make rounds of your favorite organization twelve times a year—thanks to technology. You can take monthly subscriptions on your credit/debit cards or pay through net banking or UPI, sitting in the comfort of your home or office.

    Flexibility: You can increase, decrease or stop your monthly donations at any point.

    Donate directly to the cause: You can pick organizations that let you see whom you help through your donations. We are one such organization. is India’s largest crowdfunding platform, which allows individual donors to reach the people in need. We have a Social Impact Plan (SIP), through which you can sponsor a child’s medical finances through monthly giving. It’s affordable. It’s transparent. It’s a community. Join us today; we will be happy to have you.

    Get real-time updates: Monthly donations make you an active member of the charity. They value you and reward you with frequent updates about how your money is helping people.

    Benefits to the Cause

    Boost their overall income: We all know the story of the farmer and his sons, how each broke the wooden stick he was given, but none could break all the sticks put together. Monthly donations are like these sticks. Just like more people can break these sticks, more and more donors can afford them. As such, the cause can generate more income through it.

    Fewer donors leave the organization: Annual donors came in touch with the organization only once a year. It was difficult for organizations to predict how many donations they would receive in a given year. An extra effort had to be put in throughout the year to keep the relationship alive. However, since monthly donations are so affordable and convenient, donors are less likely to discontinue. Even donors who skip a month or two can be revived easily since they believe so much in the cause.

    A healthier relationship with the donors: Monthly donors exhibit a strong determination towards the cause they believe in. Since they are so active in the organization, they are almost like a part, giving suggestions, collecting updates about the work, etc. This involvement gives them an incentive to continue their support, which is the most important thing a charity seeks from its donors.

    Monthly income is predictable: Monthly donations allow the organizations to set more concrete and predictable budgets for all the things they plan in the short term. This only becomes possible because they know the amount of money they will receive through monthly subscriptions. They can forecast their cash flow effectively, which frees them from the margin of error they had to consider otherwise.

    Less fundraising activities required: Monthly donations allow charities the luxury of saving time on fundraising activities. They no longer have to wait for more and more corporations to approve their fundraising requests. They can redirect this time and energy into the cause that they and their donors collectively believe in.

    They can save on marketing campaigns: Since monthly donations provide them with stable donors, they do not have to chase more donors as much as they had to otherwise. This means they can have fewer marketing campaigns, which implies less marketing expenses, thus lower administrative costs.

    We hope we helped you understand how beneficial monthly donations are for both the donor and the organization. The benefits outweigh all the hassle the two parties have to go through. The winner at the end of it is the cause they collectively sustain. So tell us, what do you believe in? Do you know that every two minutes, a child dies because they cannot afford medical aid? We at Ketto have started an initiative to fix this problem. Click here to become a part of the fight with our affordable Social Impact Plan. Join our community today; we will be happy to have you.

    Sushant Peshkar
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