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Healthnest App – Better Than Other Health Apps

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    What Makes Healthnest Better Than Others

    Healthnest is an app of Ketto which has a mission to connect people to access healthcare. It intends to ensure better healthcare for all and share happiness. If you are happy with yourself, you can keep others happy. This is the Ketto Culture. Keeping its mission and culture in mind, the Healthnest has been developed to show people a path for self-growth and fulfillment.

    Reasons for choosing Healthnest over other health apps:

    • Connecting with people having similar health conditions

      With Healthnest, you can meet people having similar health issues as yours. It lets you grow together in a community by motivating and helping one another in the best possible way.

    • Sharing experience

      There are over 4500 members in the Healthnest community. Since it has people with different experiences of their health conditions, you can learn from the reliable insights provided by them. The app also shows FeelGoodStories that helps you stay motivated and inspired to follow a healthy lifestyle.

    • Conduct meetups

      The Healthnest app lets you organize community events so that you can come together and expand your network. Thus the number of people having different types of experience increases. They can better contribute while discussing any health problem.

    • Clarify your queries

      When you are doubtful or curious about something, you can post it in the app, and the community experts will clarify it. Even the people already experienced in the matter can get involved in it.

    • Searching for a blood donor easily

      Use the app to search for a blood donor. You may enter the details about the required blood group, name of the state, or city.

    • Begin a fundraiser in a short span

      It will take you less than 2 minutes to start a fundraiser when you need funds for a medical emergency for yourself. This can even be done for a social cause when you want to help someone in need. Get started in the app by chatting with Ketto using Whatsapp.

    • Get maximum funds through the fundraiser

      The Healthnest app lets you use the Ketto platform at 0% platform fees for raising a good amount for any medical emergency or some social cause.

    • Get support for mental health

      There is 24×7 support for mental health in this health app. Users can get a free session for chatting with a trained professional to address their mental health concerns. The mood tracker in the app helps to track your mental health. Only you and the admins will be able to see this information.

    • Notification for vaccination slots

      It is among the best services of the Healthnest app during COVID times. All you need to do is register yourself on VaccinateME to get a notification whenever there is a slot for COVID vaccination available near you.

    • Bookmark the important posts

      There is an option to save the posts related to various topics. It can be on lifestyle, symptoms of some disease, self-care activities, or diet. You can access these posts whenever needed by visiting the library section in the app.

    • Go through articles in your free time

      You can check the “news & articles” section in the app during your free time to go through the different topics related to health and wellness. It equips you with important knowledge to stay fit through a simple lifestyle and exercise.

    • Protection of personal data in the Healthnest:

      Healthnest app takes all the physical, technical, and administrative steps to prevent loss or theft of data. They are even protected against unauthorized disclosure of information, using or modifying them.

    Why must you sign up for the Healthnest app today?

    Healthnest app aims to develop a sense of trust and care among people and help them grow together. Joining this will keep you motivated even when you are feeling low or depressed in life. Experienced caregivers and medical experts are available at your fingertips with this app.

    At these crucial times like COVID -19, people are scared to move out, even to hospitals. But with this app, getting the right advice for healthcare is not an impossible thing anymore. The best part is that the Healthnest app comes with a bundle of other benefits too. So, it is a great platform for meeting multiple healthcare needs. Thus overcoming challenges becomes easy by using them.

    Sushant Peshkar
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