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Successful Way to Raise Money for Medical Bills

    Successful Way to Raise Money for Medical Bills

    While modern medicine has its boons, it also comes at a cost. There are expenses for surgery, medications, and therapy that can be unaffordable for many. Sometimes, health insurance coverage or savings may not be enough to meet the costs required to save a life or ensure a better quality of health care. 

    Suppose you are struggling to raise money for medical bills. Here are a few ways you can try to get the desired amount. 

    Online crowdfunding

    One of the best ways to raise funds for a medical cause is to start a crowdfunding campaign and spread the word. In a crowdfunding campaign, you tell your beneficiary’s story and highlight why they need the money. Online crowdfunding platforms such as Ketto can host your campaign. Visitors to the website view your campaign and donate using a secured portal. Even foreign donors can contribute to your cause, provided they meet specific legal criteria as determined by the online crowdfunding platform

    Silent auction

    Collect items from people you know and auction them online! Take good pictures, write powerful descriptions, and put all the things up using online auctioning software or portals. Invite as many people as possible, and inform them about why you are hosting the event. A hard-hitting story can encourage the participants in the auction to place more generous bids. 

    Garage sale

    Clean out all the stuff you don’t need, or that can fetch a reasonable price in a sale. You can ask others to donate items to the sale as well. Designate a part of your home as the sale spot, and spread the word! Again, tell the potential buyers what the money is for, so they can be even more generous and not negotiate prices during the purchase. 

    Conduct a workshop

    If you are great at making oriental food, take an online class on it. Are you a master at remaining calm even in the most demanding situation? You can host an anger management session for corporate professionals and raise money. Call them in for a paid workshop. Leverage your skills for some cash and pay the medical bills.

    Host a virtual marathon

    Think of an attention-grabbing title such as ‘Run for ABC’s life.’ Unleash your creative side and give a suitable title to the marathon. Ask the runners to start running at a specific time and cover a particular distance. You may provide them with the option to run on a treadmill or outside on the beach and ask them to record their running time and other stats on their smart devices and share the results with you. 

    You can raise money by charging a fee for every runner. Similarly you can also ask the runners to promote themselves within their social network and raise awareness and funds for your medical bills. 

    Sell meals

    Whether it is your special vanilla ice cream or homecooked lunch meals, some people may want to buy delicious food from you. Gather your trusted people, identify 2-3 signature, high-margin dishes that you can make, and market it.

    Get some good packaging, add offers, and provide free home delivery, maybe. Reach out to people on the web through social media and chat forums about the sale and inform them of the intent of the sale. 

    While there are many ways to help raise money for medical bills. The thing that matters the most is to have faith and trust the process of fundraising and give it your best shot.

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