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Here’s How You Can Support A Child In Need Complete Their Education

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    Support A Child

    Ever wondered what’s the greatest gift in the world? Money may bring comfort, but knowledge can fetch greater things in life. Many kids drop out of school because of the inability to pay the fees. Their desire to go to school like other kids goes in vain. Incomplete education doesn’t allow kids to get jobs and lead a good life in the future.

    Crowdfunding is a solution to this. Anyone can raise funds for the needy here. Ketto is a platform where people can raise funds for medical treatment, animal rescue or shelter, education etc. People can donate through the platform, which is hassle-free and easy. Donate monthly, quarterly or annually as per wish to shoulder a kid’s future. Through education crowdfunding, they can also buy classroom supplies, build toilets and improve other facilities in school, provide mid-day meals etc. that would encourage the kids to continue their schooling.

    Raise funds to help children, and gift them the power of knowledge so that they can soar high.

    Why raise funds to help children through Ketto?

    A platform like Ketto acts as a shoulder to lean on for economically backward kids. Fundraising raises the money required quickly and efficiently from different parts of the world. The education crowdfunding platform of Ketto offers a fast campaign startup for students, teachers, NGOs and organisations looking to crowdfund for education projects in India and around the world.

    • Faster collection and withdrawal of funds: Sometimes fundraisers can take a lot of time to get the collected amount to reach beneficiaries. The funds collected online mode in Ketto ensures that it is faster and enables the beneficiary to withdraw the collected funds whenever it is needed.

    • Sharing fundraisers is easier: Just like starting a fundraiser, the fundraiser can be shared with many family and friends and they too can donate. So more support can be poured in and the target can be achieved faster without any delay.

    • International help: As online crowdfunding is raised in the platform and shared, people from abroad can donate. Thus more amount of money will be received in lesser time. Sometimes they may also sponsor a child’s complete education.

    • Single child or a group of kids sponsorship: There are several instances where a group of kids in a village were educated with the help of Ketto’s education crowdfunding. The donations are used to buy books, and stationery, for paying admission fees, uniforms, etc. so the kids can go to school without having to worry about the supplies.

    • Equal opportunity for everyone: Some kids score high marks in their school even with broken furniture, lack of able teachers and other facilities still they are not able to continue their studies like other kids. That’s a sad state and they even don’t get support from parents who think that technology is spoiling their future. Ketto’s education crowdfunding can help such kids who desire to get the same level of opportunities.

    • Donor-friendly platform: Donors can request a refund or ask for an update about the cause to which they have donated. Several scams pull back people who wish to donate, and Ketto provides transparency by which the donors can know if their money has reached the needy.

    • Dedicated fundraiser expert guidance: Ketto appoints a dedicated expert who guides through the fundraising journey and solves all the queries that may arise. Also, 24/7 on-call assistance, WhatsApp, Email, SMS and a personalized Instant Chatting Interface are all additional features in this platform that make it more user-friendly and hassle-free.

    Who can Start An Education Crowdfunding Campaign on Ketto?

    Ketto is India’s most trusted online platform for crowdfunding and helps to raise money for educational-related causes. Various causes like providing mid-day meals to the kids, classroom renovation, helping the poor pursue their studies, improving basic facilities of the school etc. Anyone can become a fundraiser in Ketto:

    • Students can raise funds for themselves or their friends who need help pursuing their studies.
    • Parents can who are unable to provide for their child’s educational needs or higher studies can start an education crowdfunding campaign.

    • NGOs can also collaborate with the needy to improve the education quality provided in rural schools or take up multiple education projects.

    • Teachers, parent-teachers association etc. can also raise funds to help children and school management.


    Bringing a smile to a kid’s face is the most satisfactory thing one can do. To support the dream of a child, Ketto is there to help. The seamless platform offers an easy fundraising campaign and accountability for the money pledged.

    Need Funds for Medical Treatment?

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