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Teachers Day: Celebrating and Honouring Their Legacy And Impact On Education

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    Teachers Day

    Imagine a world without teachers –– who would shape the minds of little children, help them reach their full potential and fulfil their dreams if they didn’t exist?

    Teachers have to tailor their teaching styles to suit individual children’s needs and be patient with their students since every child is different and faces different challenges. They patiently answer any questions or doubts their students may have and instil good manners and values in them. They help children become more imaginative and provide them with tools which help them distinguish between right and wrong, helping them understand the world.

    Teachers are not just instructors; they are mentors, advocates, and confidants, sculpting the next generation of thinkers and leaders. Their dedication to their craft is nothing short of remarkable. However, the role of a teacher goes beyond educating children. It extends to nurturing empathy, resilience, and a passion for lifelong learning.

    So, this Teachers Day, let’s celebrate our teachers, honour their dedication and acknowledge the profound difference they have made in our lives.

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    Why do we celebrate Teachers Day?

    Teachers Day marks the birth anniversary of an extraordinary man – “Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan“. Born on September 5th, 1888, he was a scholar, philosopher, and the second President of India. Dr Radhakrishnan’s contributions to education and philosophy are monumental. He believed that knowledge was the beacon that illuminated the path of progress for individuals and society alike.

    Dr Radhakrishnan’s humility was as striking as his intellect. When his students proposed celebrating his birthday, he displayed a remarkable act of modesty. He suggested that instead of celebrating him, the day should be dedicated to honouring teachers –– the unsung heroes who selflessly impart knowledge and wisdom to countless young minds. This gesture of humility and reverence for his own teachers transformed his birthday into a day of celebration for teachers. 

    The future of our country rests on the shoulders of the citizens of tomorrow, the children of today. Teachers are the ones who educate children, provide them with guidance, and play a key role in them becoming successful in their lives. These are some reasons why we celebrate Teachers Day every year.

    When is Teachers Day celebrated?

    Teachers Day is annually celebrated on September 5th in India. This day is an opportunity for students, parents, and institutions to express their gratitude and appreciation for the dedication and hard work of teachers. 

    On this day, educational institutions and students pay homage to their teachers, who go above and beyond to not only teach them but mentor and guide them and help shape their futures.

    Teachers Day is a day that transcends the boundaries of classrooms and textbooks, radiating warmth and respect towards those who dedicate their lives to nurturing intellect and character.

    Teachers Day is celebrated on whose birthday?

    As stated previously, Teachers Day is celebrated on the birthday of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. His exceptional contributions to education, philosophy, and society earned him widespread acclaim. 

    His selfless dedication to nurturing young minds and his belief in the transformative power of education led to the establishment of this special day in his honour. 

    Dr Radhakrishnan, whose birthday is celebrated as Teacher’s Day, had humbly suggested celebrating teachers rather than himself on Teachers Day –– this has made the day a revered occasion, symbolising the profound impact teachers have on shaping the intellectual and moral fabric of society.

    How is Teachers Day celebrated across India?

    Teachers Day is celebrated with pomp in educational institutions throughout the country. The day’s festivities reflect the deep respect and appreciation students hold for their teachers’ tireless efforts in shaping their lives.

    The celebrations typically commence with a special assembly or gathering, where students assemble to pay tribute to their mentors. During this assembly, a student may give a heartfelt Teachers Day speech on behalf of his class dedicated to the class teacher. 

    Some classes or students may carry out dance performances or skits that highlight the significance of teachers in their lives. Inspirational anecdotes and heartfelt messages are shared, creating an emotional connection that resonates with both teachers and students.

    One of the distinctive features of the Teachers Day celebration is the role reversal that occurs. Students step into the shoes of their teachers, taking on teaching responsibilities for the day. Older children dress up like their teachers and take on the responsibility of teaching their juniors. This not only offers teachers a much-needed respite but also grants students valuable insight into the intricacies and gratifications of the teaching vocation. This exercise fosters empathy and a deeper understanding of the dedication required to educate and nurture young minds.

    Cultural programs, skits, and performances play a central role in the day’s proceedings. Students enthusiastically prepare and present entertaining acts that not only showcase their talents but also express their gratitude. Through music, dance, drama, and creative presentations, students convey their appreciation for their teachers’ guidance and support.

    Cards and letters that contain handwritten Teachers Day wishes are given by students to their teachers. These tokens of appreciation hold sentimental value and serve as cherished mementoes of the strong bond that teachers and students share.

    Furthermore, schools and colleges frequently organise seminars, workshops, and interactive sessions aimed at enhancing the pedagogical skills of their teachers or professors. These initiatives not only celebrate the role of teachers but also provide them with opportunities for professional development.

    The Teachers Day celebration is not limited to educational institutions alone. Across the nation, communities and organisations acknowledge the contributions of teachers. Media outlets often feature stories and interviews that highlight the pivotal role teachers play in shaping society’s future.

    In essence, the Teachers Day celebration embodies the spirit of unity, respect, and gratitude. This day serves as a reminder that teachers are not just disseminators of knowledge but mentors who leave an indelible mark on the lives of their students. The heartfelt efforts students put into making this day special for their teachers demonstrate their unwavering regard for them. The joy, camaraderie, and mutual appreciation that permeate the day create lasting memories and reaffirm the importance of acknowledging and honouring those who dedicate their lives to education.

    How can you celebrate Teachers Day?

    Here are some ways in which you can celebrate Teachers Day and make your teachers feel special;

    By expressing your gratitude

    Taking the time to write a heartfelt note or card is a meaningful way to convey your gratitude to your teachers. Don’t just write “Happy Teachers Day” on the card. Acknowledge the hard work they put into their teaching and the positive impact they’ve had on your education and personal growth.

    In a world driven by digital communication, a handwritten note holds a special place, a tangible reminder of the bond between a teacher and a student.

    Participate in activities that honour your teachers

    Engaging in the activities and programs organised by your school or college showcases your respect and involvement. Attending the special assembly or participating in events planned to honour teachers demonstrates your appreciation for their contributions. Actively participating in the festivities not only uplifts the spirit of the celebrations but also underscores your recognition of their dedication.

    Shower your teachers with personalised gifts

    Consider giving personalised gifts to your teachers as tokens of your appreciation. Items like bookmarks, mugs, or keychains with their names engraved on them with heartfelt messages or meaningful Teachers Day quotes can leave a lasting impact. These small gifts show that you’ve put thought into expressing your gratitude personally.

    Organise a special assembly

    Collaborating with your classmates to organise a special Teachers Day assembly or event dedicated to teachers can be a wonderful tribute. Plan activities, speeches, and performances that reflect the admiration and respect you have for your teachers. Creating an atmosphere of celebration and appreciation can uplift the entire school environment.


    Showcase your talents through performances, skits, or songs that convey your gratitude. These creative expressions can add a touch of entertainment to the celebrations while also honouring your teachers. By putting on a performance, you’re not only entertaining but also expressing your thanks in a unique and memorable way.

    Gift your teachers handmade crafts

    Gift your teachers handmade crafts or art pieces. This approach not only adds a personal touch but also showcases your creativity. Handmade items are often cherished as they reflect the effort and thoughtfulness you’ve put into the gesture.

    Share stories

    Take the opportunity to share stories about your favourite teachers and the positive impact they’ve had on your life. Sharing anecdotes of moments that left a lasting impression or instances where they went the extra mile can touch the hearts of both teachers and peers.

    It’s in the little things

    Simple gestures like bringing flowers or small treats, decorating your classroom blackboard with designs and writing “Happy Teachers Day” can brighten your teachers’ day. A colourful bouquet or a box of chocolates can symbolise your gratitude and spread joy on this special occasion.


    Offer to volunteer and assist with the preparations and arrangements for the Teachers Day celebration. Your active involvement in the behind-the-scenes work demonstrates your commitment to making the day memorable for your teachers. If your juniors are giving a Teachers Day speech, you can help them write it and rehearse it before the event. 

    You could also volunteer to decorate your classroom, the staff room or the assembly hall with balloons and beautiful decorations. You could also write your “Happy Teachers Day” wishes on chart papers and hang them on the walls or your classroom notice board. 

    You and your classmates could also write a few meaningful Teachers Day quotes on your classroom blackboard, along with a heartfelt message for your class teacher –– this will make them feel super special and appreciated. 

    Virtual celebrations

    In recent times, virtual celebrations have gained popularity for Teachers Day due to technological advancements. You could conduct online events or send video messages to your teachers on this day. 

    You could also make a photo collage featuring your teachers from school to college. Consider adding your favourite Teachers Day quotes to the collage –– write a meaningful caption telling them how they have contributed to your life and thank each of them for the same. 

    Virtual cards with heartfelt Teachers Day wishes allow students and teachers to connect and celebrate regardless of geographical distance.

    Make your teachers feel special

    Hosting a special luncheon, dedicating a segment of the day to teachers’ favourite activities, or even arranging a surprise party can turn Teachers Day into an unforgettable experience. The goal is to uplift the spirits of teachers and remind them of the lasting impact they have on their students.

    Promote positive behaviour 

    Use Teachers Day as an opportunity to reflect on the values and qualities your teachers have instilled in you. Show appreciation by emulating those qualities, such as respect, discipline, and a commitment to learning. By embodying these traits, you honour their teachings and contribute to creating a positive and respectful school environment.

    When we celebrate Teachers Day with so much pomp and excitement and go above and beyond to make it special for our teachers, it helps uplift the spirits of teachers and remind them of the lasting impact they have on their students.

    Here is some trivia about Teachers Day

    When is Teachers Day celebrated?

    It is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was not only a distinguished philosopher but also the first Vice President and the second President of India.

    When is Teachers Day celebrated in India, and is it celebrated around the world as well?

    In India, it is celebrated every year on September 5th. In the United States, it’s observed on the first Tuesday of May. In China, it’s celebrated on September 10th, and in Mexico, it falls on May 15th.

    In many Asian countries, Teachers Day is celebrated as a tribute to Confucius, the great Chinese philosopher and educator. This day serves as a reminder of the invaluable role teachers play in shaping the future.

     In Argentina, it’s observed on September 11th to commemorate Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, a key figure in Argentina’s education reform. While when we celebrate Teachers Day differs from country to country, the sentiment of appreciating educators is universal.

    Teachers Day in India

    In India, Teachers Day is a festive occasion. Schools and colleges often organise elaborate programs where students perform skits, dances, and songs as tokens of appreciation for their teachers.

    Students as Teachers

    In many schools, it’s a tradition for students to take on the role of teachers for the day. They lead classrooms, conduct lessons, and engage in various teaching activities to gain a deeper understanding of their teachers’ roles.

    Why do we celebrate Teachers Day?

    Teachers Day is celebrated not only by educators in traditional classrooms but also by instructors in various fields like sports coaches, music tutors, and dance instructors. The reason why we celebrate Teachers Day remains the same –– to appreciate our teachers or educators and thank them for their role in bettering our lives. 

    The importance of education

    Whether you’re a student preparing to give a Teachers Day speech on the special day or an adult who is writing heartfelt Teachers Day wishes in a card to mail to your high school or college teachers, remember to not only be grateful to them for educating you but also for teaching you values and manners, which have made you the person you are today.

     We must also remember to be grateful to Dr Radhakrishnan, whose birthday is celebrated as Teacher’s Day every year, for tirelessly working towards promoting universal values, ethics and for being in the pursuit of knowledge, contributing significantly to the intellectual fabric of India and the world.

    His legacy extends beyond his lifetime, serving as a reminder that education is a cornerstone of progress and that teachers are the torchbearers of knowledge. By fostering a sense of gratitude towards Dr Radhakrishnan, you honour his vision for a better, more enlightened world and acknowledge the profound impact he continues to have on education and society.

    Education is a cornerstone of human progress and societal development, bearing profound implications for individuals, communities, and nations alike. Its significance cannot be downplayed, as it provides individuals with the essential knowledge, skills, and critical thinking capabilities required to effectively navigate life’s obstacles and make positive contributions to society. However, the stark reality remains that illiteracy casts a long shadow over countless children around the world, robbing them of opportunities and perpetuating cycles of poverty and inequality.

    In its absence, children are denied access to fundamental knowledge that not only equips them with practical skills but also broadens their horizons and ignites their curiosity. A lack of education hinders their ability to make informed decisions, understand their rights, and participate meaningfully in civic life. This deprivation not only diminishes their presence but also constrains their future potential, reinforcing the cycle of disadvantage.

    Children who don’t attend school face a myriad of challenges that permeate their lives. Firstly, their economic prospects are severely limited, as they lack the skills necessary to secure stable employment. This results in perpetuating generational poverty, where parents unable to access education are unable to provide adequately for their children, creating a self-perpetuating cycle of deprivation.

    Moreover, without education, children are more vulnerable to exploitation, child labour, and early marriage. They lack the tools to protect themselves from dangers and make informed choices. 

    Their lack of literacy often means they cannot understand essential information about health, hygiene, and disease prevention, leaving them more susceptible to health issues that are preventable with proper knowledge.

    Furthermore, the absence of education stifles personal growth and self-confidence. It robs children of the chance to dream, aspire, and realise their potential. Education serves as a beacon of hope, opening doors to opportunities that can lead to improved living standards, enhanced self-esteem, and the ability to contribute positively to society.

    Through initiatives like Ketto’s Social Impact Plan (SIP), you can help send underprivileged children to school and give them a bright future. Through sustained monthly contributions, donors can ensure that deserving children not only receive an education but also break the cycle of poverty, gain a chance at better employment, and positively impact their communities. Ketto’s SIP goes beyond just financial assistance; it’s a beacon of hope that illuminates the path of education for these children, ultimately fostering positive change in their lives and society as a whole.

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    When we celebrate Teachers Day this year, let’s reflect on the immense value of education. It is important to recognise the profound impact that teachers have on shaping our lives and futures. They impart not only knowledge but also values and life skills that guide us on our journey.

    Just as we express gratitude to our teachers, let’s also remember the visionary Dr Radhakrishnan, whose birthday is celebrated as Teacher’s Day. His dedication to universal values and the pursuit of knowledge continue to inspire us all.

    Education equips us with the tools to overcome challenges, make informed choices, and contribute positively to our communities. Yet, the harsh reality persists – illiteracy denies countless children opportunities and perpetuates cycles of poverty and inequality.

    As mentioned in the previous paragraph, children who do not have access to education face a number of challenges which hinder their potential. Lack of skills limits economic prospects, while vulnerability to exploitation and health risks grows. Education allows children to break the shackles of poverty and carve out better lives for themselves and their communities.

    You can do your bit to help such kids in need. Volunteer with NGOs who work towards educating children over the weekends and help teach underprivileged or orphaned children. Not only will you be playing a role in ensuring they have a brighter future, but acts of kindness like these will also nourish your soul. 

    You could also celebrate Teachers Day by offering career guidance to underprivileged kids. Much like teachers who inspire us to dream big, your guidance empowers children to envision brighter futures.

    If time is a constraint, consider donating educational supplies like notebooks, pencils, pens and other stationery. Your contribution ensures that underprivileged children have the tools they need to learn effectively, much like how teachers equip us with knowledge.

    Let’s remember why we celebrate Teachers Day. It is to honour our teachers who have played a key role in educating us and helping us reach the heights of success in our lives. Extend the impact your teachers have had in your lives by contributing to scholarship programs. Just as teachers foster our growth, scholarships enable children to pursue education and realise their potential.

    You could also conduct workshops that empower children with essential life skills. Just as teachers broaden our horizons, these workshops could help children develop skills beyond textbooks. Honour your teachers by becoming a mentor to underprivileged students. Share your experiences and insights to guide them on a path of growth and success, similar to the guidance teachers provide.

    Not all children are lucky to have access to modern-day technology and gadgets like laptops, computers or smartphones. If you have access to them, let them borrow your gadgets or teach them how to use them under your supervision so that they can keep up with the innovative teaching methods that teachers use to teach children in schools today.

    As we celebrate Teachers Day, let’s join hands in a promise to shine a light on the vital role of education for children in need. In doing so, you champion the cause, much like teachers who advocate for your growth.

    Join initiatives like Ketto’s SIP and empower NGOs who work towards educating underprivileged children. When we celebrate Teachers Day, let’s extend our gratitude to our mentors and professors by standing up for the cause of education. 

    Together, we can be the change-makers, bridging the gap and giving every child a chance to flourish, ensuring that Dr Radhakrishnan’s legacy lives on through a more enlightened and empowered generation.

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