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Tips To Make Fundraising For NGOs Easier And More Effective

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    Tips to Enhance Fundraising for NGOs

    A non-governmental organization (NGO) is an independent functioning non-profit group that is involved in philanthropic, developmental, or social missions nationally or internationally. NGOs serve purposes that cater to social or political purposes and for the overall good of the nation and the world. Unlike other organizations, NGOs do not generate income by selling products or providing services. Therefore, NGOs rely on funding and gifts from individual donors and other sources of funding. Fundraising for NGOs is vital to successfully run their campaign and the overall, smooth functioning of their organization. However, if the planning or fundraising campaigns are ineffective, it can lead to poor outcomes.

    What are the sources for getting funds for NGOs?

    NGOs can raise funds in several ways as discussed below.

    • Organizing events- Events like marathons, walkathons, charity lunches or dinners, and rallies can help mobilize funds.

    • Personal solicitation- Though it is a time-intensive way of raising funds, meeting donors face-to-face develops trust with them and makes them more aware of the NGOs’ activities.

    • Online fundraising or crowdfunding- By combining online fundraising via social media sites with traditional methods of fundraising can help the NGO enhance donations to their cause.

    • Organizing volunteers- Volunteers bring in their expertise free of cost and also help in fundraising activities.

    • Organizing donations in kind- Many individuals as well as companies may wish to make donations in kind rather than money.

    • Creating adoption of a project- Adoption of projects like sponsoring a meal for a homeless person or education of a child can help NGOs ensure periodic donations.

    • Collections- Setting up collection boxes in malls, schools, shops, and churches can be an effective strategy to raise funds and create awareness about the cause

    • Product sales- Having product sales such as selling greeting cards or homemade items from which a large share of the profits will go towards the NGOs activities.

    • Corporate partnerships- Establishing corporate partnerships by sponsoring NGO events or matching equivalent donations made by their employees can help NGOs raise funds.

    • Crowdfunding- Using a crowdfunding platform like Ketto that can easily attract donors and bring in contributions to the NGO.

    However, despite these methods of raising funds, at times if an appropriate method is not chosen or adequate advertising is not followed, funds can dry up. Therefore, it is essential to keep in mind several tips, as discussed below, to ensure that fundraising for NGOs can be easier and more effective.

    Tips to make Fundraising for NGOs easier and more effective

    The following tips will help the process of fundraising for NGOs easier and more effective.

    • Make a fundraising plan- The NGO members should chalk out a plan right from the planning to the execution stage to ensure successful implementation. Set SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound) goals and be sure of what the NGO is trying to achieve.

    • Develop a clear, concise, informative mission statement- For crowdfunding, the most read line will be the mission statement. Therefore, the mission statement must set the NGO apart from others and helps in creating empathy for the cause and stimulating action from the readers.

    • Use compelling imagery- Along with writing, include images that explain in simple terms the value and impact of the donations that the NGO will receive.

    • Provide text, mobile, and online donation options- To make the donation process an easy one, make the process easy for the donors. Post an “easy” Donate button on the website which should be easily identifiable. Also, by making the donations shareable, the donor can post the contribution on social media sites prompting others to do the same.

    • Offer perpetual memberships- Perpetual membership offered by an NGO can help turn an occasional donor into a “donor for life” which will benefit the NGO in the long run.

    • Send out a fundraising letter to supporters- Supporting fundraising letters with digital fundraising is bound to be more effective and ensure better results.

    • Launch a crowdfunding campaign- In times of urgent need of donations which are time-bound, crowdfunding is an excellent option. However, to make this option more effective, including a fundraising thermometer can let the crowd track the progress of donations. Moreover, making the campaign mobile-friendly and updating the crowd on the progress of the funds can make the process more effective. Ketto can help in creating a crowdfunding page in minutes that can provide dedicated updates, a donor wall to show appreciation to supporters, a social media sharing button, and a subscription option for potential donors.

    • Include peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns- In this strategy, the donor sets up campaign pages that help draw the attention of their friends, family, co-workers, or anyone they know towards a shared cause and raise money. This is a valuable strategy to turn donors into fundraising ambassadors.

    • Engaging with Gen-Z- Gen-Z is very concerned about social and environmental issues and should be included in NGO’s target donor population. Using social media, creating engaging content, and posting interactive content are some of the ways to engage with them.

    • Online Transactions should be secure- By including an authentic payment gateway and additional security protocols such as 128-bit encryption can be a confidence booster for donors and investors.

    • Have an attitude of gratitude- Besides only asking for donations, do thank donors for the donation made. Also, posting pictures, videos, and success stories of how the donation was used can also encourage other donors to contribute.


    Fundraising for NGOs is not an easy task. However, to make an effective impact persistence, optimism and the right techniques and strategies are essential. Depending on which strategy is best suited to the NGO, they can select from any of the above-mentioned ones. Using multiple strategies and tactics along with following the tips discussed can help NGOs make fundraising successful and effective.

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