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Unique Ways to Fundraise Successfully

    Unique Ways to Fundraise

    Be it any fundraising campaign: crowdfunding for educational objectives, crowdfunding campaigns for cancer treatments, or any other major transplant or surgery, crowdfunding in India is not easy. It is a quandary to get your desired reach or amount of funds within a limited period. But does that mean fundraising is not worth a shot, or not good enough? Nay, for both. You are going to be proven wrong, soon enough. Continue reading to learn more about the six unique ways to fundraise effortlessly. 

    Incredible Ideas to Knock a Successful Fundraiser

    For starters, you should use something unique and innovative while creating a crowdfunding campaign to gather maximum support for your fundraiser. From campaigns deriving funds for cancer treatments to educating India through crowdfunding, there are multiple ideas and objectives which you can select from to start your journey of raising funds.

    The point you should remember here is that your fundraiser’s objective is true, and the cause should genuinely benefit a wide range of people. The rest always depends upon the strategies and methods you are implying to make your fundraiser a huge hit. The following are tips to encourage the engagement of the audience in your fundraiser easily:

    1. Always connect with the right audience

    Medical fundraising is a slow process; it takes months to achieve a desirable amount for campaigns like cancer treatments, organ transplants, post-operation care expenses, accident-related fundraising, etc.

    But, the key here is to connect with people with the same view as yours for community welfare and understand the issues you are trying to solve.

    For instance, the people who have already suffered the illness or the trauma of such incidents in their families are the ones you should connect with. You only need to track such people, families, or organizations who will be willing to donate to the good cause you are serving:

    1. Identify such groups, families organizations that have suffered the loss of dear ones due to medical illness. This could be done by connecting with hospitals that can provide you with information about it. 
    2. Send soft invitations and emails to people to know if they are interested in helping you with your fundraiser. 
    3. The next step is easy and can be efficiently done. After knowing the opinions and will of the families or groups of people that want to get involved in your fundraiser, you can organize a fundraising event or even set up a crowdfunding platform for receiving donations. 

    2. Giving Free Stuff

    As in any business, you invest before anticipating any returns. Similarly, before starting a fundraiser, you should invest a bit. For instance, giving away merchandise or goodies to people attending your fundraiser or donating to your fundraising campaigns could be a great note of expressing gratitude to them. Of course, what and how you will give the freebies will depend on the medium of your crowdfunding.

    For instance, if you are stepping up to create a campaign for medical treatment, you can give a shot to the distribution of medical kits, including – sanitary pads, bandages, sanitizers, masks, etc. Similarly, you can distribute notebooks, books, and other stationery supplies while creating a fundraising drive for education crowdfunding.

    Giving away something to your donors could help you enhance public support and contribution to your campaign or fundraiser. These steps could make your fundraiser unique and attract a wide donor base.

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    3. Crowdfunding Websites

    Crowdfunding websites are a savior for various fundraisers and one of the most spontaneous and unique ways for fundraising with success. The internet has knitted a global community, which could be a huge advantage for your fundraiser. Asking people worldwide to donate in goodwill is common these days and is widely done by most fundraising campaigns to create a global impact and connectivity across the world.

    These crowdfunding websites or platforms are a big yes for the success of your fundraising project as they require significantly less time to connect a wide number of donors and various social groups or communities are easily accessible within a few clicks. Websites like Ketto are one of the crowdfunding websites you can try to raise funds for your objectives or area of interest.

    To attract the masses, you could also take the help of a narrative or elucidate the sufferings of the community you are trying to help with your crowdfunding campaign.

    For instance, if you organize or create a crowdfunding campaign for cancer treatment, you can incorporate a story of a cancer patient who has fought it or is still trying to overcome the illness with some add-on points. These add-on points could range from the reasons they cannot pay their hospital bills due to medical rejection to health insurance rejection.

    4. Fry the Bigger Fishes

    To captivate the attention of the ground audience, you can connect with the bigger organizations or firms willing to donate in goodwill. The larger the organization you would ask for help, the larger the donation you could fetch with a great deal of public support who already follow the firm or business organization. This is the best method to generate a good and broadened base for your fundraiser.

    5. Put on Boxes!

    The idea of putting up penny boxes in public places is the simplest and most efficient method to gather a desirable amount of support and fund for your fundraising campaign. The idea of penny drive is effortless as you only have to hang on boxes or containers with the general idea of the donation purpose in crowded places.

    You can also distribute brochures to reach out huge donor base for this purpose. Pro tip: The leaflets you distribute about your fundraiser must contain the knowledge of the locations where you have put the boxes.

    6. Host a Fundraising Event

    This is an appropriate method to escalate your fundraising drive to another level. Here, you can easily communicate your ideas for the crowdfunding medical treatment or education crowdfunding campaign to the donors. You can also entertain a large audience. You can also invite multiple organizations or giant firms to attend the fundraiser and donate to a good cause.

    Manifesting such events needs educating people about crowdfunding and its idea of it. You can also mention the crowdfunding websites or platforms you will use for your campaign during the event, which would further increase the legitimacy of your fundraiser.

    Now You Can Raise The Funds Easily!

    Fundraising or crowdfunding is not as troublesome as it seems; you only have to find a true cause and generate a wide range of support for it among the masses. Paying for surgeries, post-operation care bills, and other medical expenses could burden people who cannot sustain a sound livelihood.

    Helping such people by raising funds and crowdfunding is an amazing thought to contribute to the community’s well-being. There are multiple crowdfunding websites and platforms which can educate you about raising funds and running campaigns for medical treatments which could help people in the most crucial moments of their lives.

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