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Ways to Be Part Of A Social Impact Plan That Helps A Child’s Life

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    Social Impact Plan That Helps a Child's Life

    There is no better day to start a charity than today. Giving is always rewarding and especially when it impacts the lifespan of a child’s life. In India where the child mortality rate is 39 per 1000 live births, monthly support to save a child’s life is the most efficient way to contribute back to the community. Ketto, with its social impact plan, allows you to join the collective effort of saving lives by providing urgent medical care to children. Let’s understand some ways in which you can be a part of this crowd-funded social impact plan.

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    Ways to be a part of the Social Impact Plan

    Social impact plan aims to make healthcare a reality for everyone. Intending to address the issue of the unaffordability of healthcare for each individual, Ketto allows you to be a part of saving a child. Here are some ways to be a part of the Social Impact Plan.

    Monthly individual donor plan

    One can support saving a life needing urgent medical care. With easy monthly instalments, one can make an impact. Crowdfunding allows the healthcare cost to be shared between a large number of donors. This ensures that it does not bore a hole in a single donor’s pocket. Rather, the cost of care of one of its own is shared as a community.

    Organisational donation

    As a part of fulfilling corporate social responsibility, organisations can choose to be a part of the Social Impact Plan. They can contribute any amount of their liking. The plan allows organisations to spread their responsibility expenditure over six months or even a year.

    Tax saving plan

    All one’s monthly donations are exempted under Section 80 of the Income Tax. One can claim the benefits while planning their income tax return each year. This allows them to be a part of the Social Impact Plan and also prevents the chances of fraud and money laundering.

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    Why choose to be a part of the Social Impact Plan

    These methods of small timely donations can make an effective impact similar to large lump sum donations. Social Impact Plan allows a regular flow of funds for the child in need of urgent healthcare. It also ensures higher financial security for those in need. On the other hand, donors can benefit be a guarding angel in the life of a child.

    Final thoughts

    As a crowdfunding Platform,  Ketto is constantly invested in arranging optimal healthcare for everyone in the community. It successfully matches donors to patients in imminent need of life-saving treatment. Donors are provided with complete transparency that their contributions are reaching the patients month on month. As a part of the Social Impact Plan, you will be receiving updates on the life you saved.

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