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Why Should I Start a Ketto SIP Today?

    Ketto SIP

    Whenever we talk about making our future secure, the first point of discussion is a financial investment that will help us when we need it the most. There are many popular ways like investing in equity, mutual funds, fixed deposits, and systematic investment plan (SIP). However, there is another SIP that many people are not aware of; it’s the Ketto SIP or Social Impact Plan. Ketto SIP is an excellent monthly investment that helps save someone’s life.

    Ketto is one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms and extensively works to make healthcare available to every person. It provides a safe platform where donors can contribute and help people who need immediate medical help. It can be a case of an accident, costly cancer treatment, Covid-19 relief, child welfare, or supporting an NGO. Let us know more about Ketto SIP; how does it work? What benefits does it provide? And why should you start a Ketto SIP right away?

    What is Ketto SIP?

    Ketto SIP is a unique social impact plan that allows you to donate monthly to Ketto. A team of experts provides 24/7 support and answers any query you may have. Your donation is matched to a patient who requires urgent treatment; hence, you know that you contribute to saving a child’s precious life. The process is entirely transparent, and you get a detailed update about how your fund is being used. What’s more, the entire process happens on a digitally secure and easy-to-use platform provided by Ketto.

    Here’s how Ketto SIP works:

    • Donors make monthly donations in the SIP fund
    • The donation goes to a patient who needs urgent life-saving treatment.
    • Donors get updates every month on how their money was utilised and how a life was saved.

    The Impact of Ketto SIP

    Ketto believes in people coming together and working together as a team, a community towards a better tomorrow. Suppose we talk about the numbers. They have more than one lakh members donating monthly towards the SIP and have saved more than 650 children. More than 2.5 crores rupees have been raised for patients that have covered more than 500 life-saving treatments.

    Ketto isn’t limited to medical emergencies related to crowdfunding. It works towards other socially relevant causes like Child Welfare, Education, Creative Fundraising, Cancer Treatment, and Animal Welfare. Ketto has also stepped up to support the distressed healthcare system in the country due to pandemics. In addition to the COVID-19 relief fund that has raised around 390 crores with the help of more than 2 lakh donors. Team Ketto has helped governments and administrations in special covid related drives to distribute food and urgent medical help in containment zones. This work has been widely appreciated. Isn’t it motivating enough to become part of a commendable community? The community helping society today and making sure that we focus on making healthcare affordable for everyone in the coming years?

    What Are the Benefits of Ketto SIP?

    Ketto SIP is an excellent social investment plan with tremendous impact and significant returns. Here’s why the Social Impact Plan or Ketto SIP is a win-win for everyone.

    • Community: It builds a community of inspiring people who want to make the world a better place by giving a small amount of their money and time. Since you know that your money is going to the right place, you feel content and feel a sense of accomplishment. You give back to society and make an impact.

    • You Choose How Much You Want to Give: Donations have to be voluntary; however, it usually becomes a competition and shows how much someone is giving? Ketto SIP offers an affordable option, where you decide how much you want to contribute every month.

    • Secure Platform: The most prominent reason people are hesitant towards donating for a good cause is uncertainty. What if my money is not helping the needy and going to some wrong pocket? What if someone uses my financial details for duping me? These are some genuine concerns. However, Ketto uses a fully encrypted and secure digital environment, completes KYC of patients, and ensures that whatever details, personal and financial, you are providing are 100% safe.

    • Transparent and Trustworthy: Trust is the most crucial currency in this world. Everything is built on it. Ketto ensures that it is transparent and provides details in a timely fashion to its community of donors. Choose a Ketto SIP plan to help a noble cause like child welfare or to fund a child’s life-saving treatment. Ketto sends you a monthly dashboard of how your money was matched to the needy patients.

    • You Invest in Your Health: What’s a SIP if it doesn’t have any personal returns? Ketto SIP allows you to redeem your donation once you complete 90 days in a SIP plan with healthcare partners, including some big names like Apollo, Max, and AIIMS. Hence, you get a bonus with a social impact plan; you help society and invest in your medical emergencies.

    Why Should You Invest in Ketto SIP?

    You are reading about Ketto SIP and found this blog means that you are ready to be part of the community that believes in equal healthcare for everyone. Ketto SIP is the right way to take the leap. It’s affordable and effectively uses your money. We already covered many benefits above; let’s look at some more reasons to ensure that you start a Ketto SIP today and contribute.

    • Your Choice is Respected: You decide how much to contribute and when to stop. We all know while it’s easy to start a financial investment, it becomes challenging when you want to stop it. However, you are bound by terms and conditions because you don’t have enough money to invest; hence, you will pay anyway. In Ketto SIP, you add an affordable sum every month. However, if there is a time when you have a financial crunch, and you are unable to contribute, you can log in and turn off your SIP.

    • Verified Patients and Secure Payments: Ketto confirms the patients with multi-level checks and strict protocols before a fundraiser goes online. Hence, your money is going to an authentic cause. A genuine person who needs your support to save their life. In addition, your financial information, like bank details, email ID, your other contact information, is entirely safe. Thanks to encrypted digital tools and environment developed by Ketto.

    • You See the Magic Unfold: When you see that the money you contributed is used instantly to save someone’s life. You can assist someone who might be recovering after a critical life-saving procedure. It is a magical feeling that not many can get in their lifetime. It gives you contentment and zeal to do more in life.

    • You Get Regular Updates:  How often has it happened when you donated for someone’s health emergency and did not know what happened. Did the patient recover? Was your money appropriately utilized? Such cases don’t help and raise doubts even for genuine requests and causes.  Ketto’s team provides you with consolidated monthly updates containing the list of all the patients you helped. You get a complete snapshot of your donation funds utilization via email and WhatsApp.

    • The Money Back Policy: There’s a reason Ketto named this fundraiser plan a SIP; it does work like a money-back policy. As soon as you complete 90 days in the Ketto SIP plan, you become eligible to redeem the donation amount in your account. You can use it to pay for your medical emergencies in any partner health institution like Apollo hospitals, Max hospitals, and AIIMS.

    • Ketto SIP Is Not Market Linked – The returns on Ketto’s SIP are 100% assured and are instant. You don’t have to wait for years and rely on the market situation to determine how well your funds performed. You become instantly rich by contributing and investing in saving a child’s life. The evaluation of returns you get in Ketto SIP is more significant than any monetary gains you make financially. And you don’t need to make your investments carefully. There are no conditions applied, only a genuine contribution and satisfaction of giving back to society, simply priceless.


    If you want to invest in a good cause, Ketto SIP is an excellent opportunity. You can start donating in a monthly Ketto SIP today and become part of a large community. The community of more than 55 lakh donors has saved more than 1.4 lakh lives. Suppose you are planning to start a fundraiser and have any questions. Feel free to contact Ketto’s experts, who are available 24/7 to assist you in your journey towards making this world a better place for everyone and add happiness to many families.

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