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About the Fundraiser

The Project

City as Lab is an annual research conference for middle and high school students with a focus on the city they live in, hosted by Reniscience Education.

This initiative of Reniscience Education is a first-of-a-kind attempt to promote original research and inquiry among middle and high school students in India in a systematic, supportive manner.

The Goals

Our goals are to engage students in conducting and presenting authentic research while developing skills such as Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity and Communication – all so necessary for the 21st century – and developing an interest in the sciences among the students.

The conference not only lets students learn using project-based pedagogy but also lets teachers get trained in how to use project-based learning in their own classrooms.

Students would be conducting their own research in their respective teams and writing their own research papers. The 10 best groups would get an opportunity to present the same to an independent panel of judges.

The Participants

Our participating students include children from Teach For India, Akanksha, Muktangan, Mumbai Mobile Creche, Apnishala, Down to Earth, MCGM schools, etc.

To help put their best foot forward, all the students would be getting a guided tour of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum and the 10 best groups will get a tour at the Maharashtra Nature Park.

The Details

This event is a collaborative effort with many partners invested in research and education across Mumbai and the world. Partners include Chhatrapati Shivaji Vastu Sangrahalaya of Mumbai, RobinAge, Chai & Why, and Journal of Emerging Investigators.

The City as Lab conference of 2014 will be held in Mumbai at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum on September 20th.

All contributions would go towards helping 150 students have a truly wonderful experience conducting research!

Who We Are

Reniscience Education is an education consulting firm born out of a desire to promote learning that is empowering, joyful and relevant to the learner. Reniscience Education works with teachers, children and schools to bring highly engaging, self-directed learning experiences in and outside the classroom.

Our core objective is to enable 21st century teaching and learning through our Professional Development programs, student workshops and school partnerships. We have worked on multiple projects with a variety of non – profits such as Akanksha, Muktangan, Teach For India, Sterlite Tech Foundation, etc.

To learn more about us please visit us at or like us on Facebook at You can contact us at


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