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Colon Cancer – FAQs

Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor if You Have Colon Cancer

  1. What is the extent to which my colon cancer has spread?
  2. What is the stage of my cancer? 
  3. What are the treatments option I have? 
  4. Which specialist shall I see? 
  5. What are the chances to recover? 
  6. How much time will I take to recover? 
  7. What are the side effects of my testaments? 
  8. What will be the cost of treatment? 
  9. How much time my treatment will take and what will be the recovery time? 
  10. What steps can I take so that cancer does not come back? 

People also ask

Q. What is a polyp? 

Polyps are mushroom-like growths, which are formed when cells, which are lining the colon, grow, divide and reproduce in an unhealthy way. These later can become cancerous. 

Q. How common is colon cancer? 

Colon cancer is the most commonly occurring cancers and is causing second leading cancer patient’s death. 

Q. What are the preventive ways for colon cancer? 

The causes of colon cancer are not well understood. Hence, there is not much one can do to prevent it. However, if you carry a high risk, regular diagnosis can help you detect the cancer in its early stage during which it can be easily cured. 

Q. Who is at more risk in colon cancer? 

Both men and women aged more than 50 carry a higher risk of getting colon cancer. 

Q. What screening options are there to detect colon cancer? 

The following are some of the popular methods of detecting colon cancer

● Faecal occult blood test (FOBT)

● flexible sigmoidoscopy

● double-contrast barium enema

● colonoscopy

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