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Symptoms of Colon Cancer

Colon cancer or we can also say colorectal cancer is one of the third leading causes of cancer, which causes deaths in both men and women. 

There is no difference in symptoms in men and women. The symptoms of colon cancer are as follows: 

Change in bowel habits 

Bowel habits like upset stomach or minor infection can cause constipation, diarrhea or very narrow thin stool. However, these problems we can face in general days but changes in bowel lasts for a few days and if these symptoms are regular and on a frequent basis, one must visit the doctor and should go for further check-ups or tests. 

Cramps and bloating 

Cramps and bloating are very common and can be occurred due to an upset stomach, gas or due to unhealthy or faulty food. Whereas when these problems of cramping and bloating come frequently can be a serious issue. If you see such problems on a regular basis, confirm it with the doctor. 

Feeling as bowels are not empty

When a person feels that, they can never empty their bowels because of the growth that turns into a blockage in the colon. Even the bowels are empty, feeling of using restrooms arises. 

Blood in the stool 

Blood in the stool is itself a frightening situation. The stool may have streaks of fresh blood or stool can have a dark tarry appearance. The reason for blood in the stool can be several, and colon cancer could be the one too. One must concern with the doctor in such a situation. 

Fluctuation in the weight loss

Fluctuation in weight is never a good sign in anyways. Sudden weight loss can be the symptoms of many different problems in which colon cancer is the one. When a person suffers from colon cancer body will start consuming more energy due to which people experience sudden weight loss. The immune system also works to its fullest to fight the cancer cells, so a large amount of energy is used. If the colon tumour is big, then it can cause blockage in the colon, which can also lead to bowel changes and further weight loss. 

Short breathes

Cancer cells are very strong and start consuming the body energy and cause fatigue sets. Colon cancer also consumes the good amount of body energy and creates difficulties in breathing. The denser the colon cancer will become the more difficult will be the breathing that even after a short distance walking or laughing will create problem in breathing. 

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