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Causes of Stomach Cancer

What causes stomach cancer? 

Till date, it is challenging to tell the exact reason of any kind of cancer. Still, research and observations can say to the reason for the rise of cancer. There are several reasons which give rise to stomach cancer. 

● Usually stomach cancer produces when the mutation occurs in the cell’s DNA. Modification only helps the cancer cells to grow and spread rapidly and continues to live till healthy cells diminished. The accumulation of cancerous cells due to mutation form up a tumor which can invade the nearby body parts. Later the cancer cells can break out from the tumor and spreads to other body parts as well. 

● Another reason that cancer stem cell starts drawing in our stomach is because of the infection with a common bacterium, H. pylori. This bacterium, H. pylori later cause ulcers in the stomach. Gastritis the inflammation gut in our body, which is a specific type of long-lasting anemia known as pernicious anemia and growths in your stomach called polyps also can make you more likely to get cancer.

● Other things which give rise to the stomach or gastric cancer are smoking, being overweight, more salty, pickled and smoky food in the diet. Type blood A, Epstein-Barr virus infection, family related genes, working in coal, metal, timber, or rubber industries, or exposed to asbestos. 

How quickly can stomach cancer spread? 

Tobacco or cigarettes are generally be associated with stomach cancer. It is also found out that people with blood group A has been more involved in stomach cancer as we compared with other blood group people. If your genetic history is related to stomach cancer, then you also have more chances to develop stomach cancer more efficiently. Stomach cancer cells are like malignant tumors which are found in the tissues of the stomach or esophagus. Stomach cancer is slow-growing cancer. It may grow for many years before symptoms are felt.

Stomach cancer also grows in different areas and tries to spread. In the early stages of stomach cancer works to improve in the stomach wall to the adjacent organs such as the pancreas, liver or large bowel. These stomach cancer cells can travel through the lymphatic system to other parts like lymph nodes, or through the bloodstream to other parts of the body, such as the lungs.

Are stomach cancers painful?

In most of the cases in stomach cancer patients are not able to do anything. In the early stages of stomach cancer Patient hardly feel any symptoms or signs. Stomach pain is a common symptom and stomach cancer or gastric cancer, but many times the stomach pains considered to be casual and are generally neglected by people. 

Abdominal discomfort or when the stomach above the navel is aching can be associated with stomach cancer. The painful symptoms of stomach cancer can also include little swelling or fluid buildup in an abdominal part. 

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