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Symptoms of Stomach Cancer

Risk factors of stomach cancer

Stomach cancers or gastric cancers are relatively connected with tumors. However, there are some severe factors which can increase the chances to get stomach cancers those are like

● Infections

Infections like Pylori bacterial infections can lead to stomach infection that can sometimes lead to ulcers

● Tumors 

Tumors when created in any part of the digestive system

● Polyps 

Polyps are abnormal growths of tissue. Polyps are generally formed on the lining of the stomach. 

● Old age and gender 

Old age people are more prone to have gastric stomach cancer, and stomach cancer is also more prominent in males as compared to women. 

● Genes 

People whose family history is related to gastric stomach cancers are more prone to this cancer. 

● Poor eating habits

People who eat lots of salty or processed foods or overeating meat can lead to stomach cancer. Excessive consumption of alcohol also can be the reason for stomach cancer. With lots of poor eating habits if a person is not physically active, then also he or she is more prone to words stomach cancer. 

What are the signs and symptoms of stomach cancer or gastric cancer? 
●     Pain in above abdomen 

When stomach or gastric cancer is in its early stage, it is challenging to observe any signs of symbols which indicate cancer in the stomach. 

But when the signs and symptoms are visible, the most common symptom is a pain in the abdomen. This discomfort or pain can fluctuate in initial stages but increases gradually as the stage increases. In the final stages, these stomach cancers can also a buildup of fluid in the above part of the abdomen.

●     Indignation 

Since stomach or gastric cancer is related to the stomach, the signs and symptoms are also associated with stomach or abdomen. Another symptom of gastric cancer is indigestion. Since indigestion is a casual health issue, People generally take it lightly. However, if you are experiencing irritation or inflammation in the area of the stomach regularly that you must concern to your doctor. 

●     You are not feeling well in general. 

When a person gets hit by the stomach or gastric cancer may find they become ill more often. Body’s immune system Focuses on fighting cancer cells which leaves the body susceptible to other illnesses and infections therefore when you feel unwell regularly while having a stomach pain then you should concern the doctor immediately. 

●     Loss of appetite 

When a person gets infected with stomach cancer of gastric cancer, he/she starts losing his/her desire. A person with stomach cancer or gastric cancer can leave 2 to 3 days even more without having food, which can lead to lots of weight loss as the body’s strength to invade the disease, may also occur with stomach cancer.

●     Blood in Bowel Movements

The prevalent symptom of gastric or stomach cancer is blood in bowel movements in which the stomach or its lining starts bleeding, and the fluid may collect with the rest of the body’s waste. Also, the stool with blood and can appear almost black. While the symptoms like dark and bloody stool can appear in different disease, even any significant changes to bowel movements should be immediately concerned with the doctor. 

●     Feeling Done After Eating a Small Amount of Food

Another symptom or sign which usually appear when a person has gastric stomach cancer is that he or she can feel entirely done with food even after eating a small amount of meal. Feeling done even after eating a small amount of food is more familiar with stomach tumors. These tumors block the opening where the stomach connects to the small intestine. Not having an adequate diet or not feeling to eat food properly can lead to different other health issues which can be hazardous. In general, if something like this happens, please consult with the doctor. 

●     Nausea 

People Suffering from the stomach or gastric cancer generally build Stomach acid and fluids in the stomach or abdomen Which can lead to nausea. In nausea, symptoms like vomiting or the feel of needing to vomit Occur frequently. These symptoms of nausea are not solely indicative of stomach cancer, but if coupled with multiple symptoms, then it may point to a severe health concern. 

●     Fatigue 

When it comes to cancer say any kind of cancer, our body starts using more energy to fight cancer cells resultant our body gets weak. However, if a person is taking good care of him or herself that is having a good sleep proper diet and still feeling fatigue can be a sign of an underlying condition. In stomach cancer, the tumor which is formed up in the abdomen can bleed microscopically, and this loss of blood can lead to chronic edema and fatigue. 

●     Low-grade fever 

People having gastric stomach cancer generally go on a low-grade fever which is there due to the part of the malignancy in the stomach area and the immune system’s strength to fight cancer. The symptom of low-grade fever is more common when stomach cancer reaches a higher stage. 

●     Problem in Swallowing

In stomach or gastric cancer relatively swallowing is quite tricky, although the same situation can occur in different health issues as well. Some people feel very difficult to take, even if there are no external barriers. When you face any problem in taking, you must consult your doctor at once, and he will perform several tests to find the disease. 

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