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Stomach Cancer – Frequently Asked Questions

Can stomach cancer be cured?

Cancer treatment depends on the depth where the tumor has developed and how far it has been spread. At Stage 0, no chemotherapy or radiation therapy is required. Advanced Stomach cancer cannot be cured entirely in many cases, but there is a possibility to get relieved from symptoms by chemotherapy, radiation, endoscopy.

If stomach cancer has spread to different organs, a cure is not possible. It involved surgery of total gastrectomy, subtotal gastrectomy, and endoscopic mucosal resection.

How long can you live with stomach cancer?

Many factors affect the prognosis of patients with stomach cancer, like location, type, and stage of cancer. The type of cancer, the level of responding to the treatment, are some criteria on which it depends life depends. If found early, the procedure can reverse the effect. Stomach cancer, when left untreated, can spread to lungs, lymph nodes, and other parts of bones. Based on the outcomes of people, survival rates are dependent. Unfortunately, On Stage 4, the survival rate for cancer is just five years.

How do I check myself for Stomach cancer?

If you have stomach cancer, you experience indigestion, poor appetite, unexpected weight loss, persistent vomiting, anemia, heartburn, and much more. Sometimes the patient complains of vomit containing blood. Frequent back pain, abdominal pain, and blood in stool are some other symptoms.

What foods fight stomach cancer?

Food is a crucial part of the body, and even it can drastically affect your health. Some food included beneficial compound that helps you in decreasing the growth of stomach cancer. Small frequent meals that contain calories, proteins, and nutrients can help you reduce the effects of nausea, vomiting, and others. Include whole grains in your diet along with Lean meats, eggs, beans, soy, nuts and nut butter, low-fat dairy products, etc.

Avoid eating processed food, candies, pickle, smoked food. Deduct sausage, candy, packed snack food, sweetened beverages, etc. Limit alcohol, caffeine, spicy foods, etc.

Where does stomach cancer usually spread to?

Staging is the way of describing cancer and where it is located. Stomach cancer is most prone to pass in the pancreas, liver, lungs, lymph nodes, food pipe (esophagus). At Stage 0, the cancer is on the surface and has not grown in the layers of the stomach. 1A mentions that cancer has grown to an inner layer of the wall. It is not located on any lymph nodes, while Stage IV states that it has spread to distant parts of areas around the stomach.

Can you live without a stomach?

Yes, it is surprisingly possible to live without a stomach. When a doctor diagnoses stomach cancer, there is a possibility of removing partial or total removal of the stomach. The doctor removes the stomach and connects the food pipe to the small intestine. The digestive works and a patient can swallow, eat, and digest food.

At what age does stomach cancer occur?

Stomach cancer can occur in people who have waged over 55. The disease is found in more ration to men rather than women. One-quarter of new cases are found in people age 60 to 70s.

Can you smell stomach cancer?

Stomach cancer can worsen the situation, and a patient may have lousy breath smell along with excessive gas. Along with the scent, a patient experiences vomiting, excessive belching, difficulty in swallowing, bulky, painful abdomen, and much more.

Does anyone survive stomach cancer?

The survival rate for stomach cancer can be increased if the person is diagnosed on an early basis. Mostly, it is diagnosed when the cancer is spread to other body parts. If cancer has spread to different other parts of the body, tissues, or organs, then the survival rate is 5%.

Is stomach cancer a terminal?

No matter how desperately a person tries, a stage 4 stomach cancer is terminal. If cancer has metastasized and in advanced form, then the five-year survival rate is enough for the patient. However, if cancer is detected and treated early, it could save chances of survival.

What does the pain feel like with stomach cancer?

Most people who have stomach cancer in the initial age have no symptoms of the disease. Patients feel the pain in the upper abdomen and experience a sense of fullness after eating a small number of meals. Frequent abdominal pain or discomfort is joint in the area above the navel.

Can stomach cancer be missed on endoscopy?

There is a possibility that stomach cancer can be missed in endoscopy as it cannot detect the early stage and may contribute to poor prognosis. As per studies, there are about 500-700 patients lost in 3 years for detecting stomach cancer. The doctors perform multiple tests, including imaging tests, biopsy, and others, to confirm and diagnose the issue.

Can you have stomach cancer and not know it?

Yes, there is a possibility in the early stage; a patient has stomach cancer but does not build up any symptoms of the disease. As the disease progresses, the symptoms may develop like indigestion, nausea, vomiting, and much more. Stomach virus and stomach cancer are always mistaken with each other. Most stomach cancer and not detected even in X-Ray or other tests until the tumors grow large enough to be visible.

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