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07/07/07 Injustice anywhere a threat to justice everywhere

Creative Theatre

A play based on the written accounts of Reyhaneh





Faezeh Jalali

About the Fundraiser


We, FATS TheArts Collaborative, wish to tell Reyhaneh's story. A story that could be anybody's to tell.

On 7, July, 2007, Reyhaneh Jabbari, a 19 year old Iranian girl, was put behind bars for defending herself against the man who tried to rape her. The man died and she was convicted for premeditated murder.She was hanged last year after a seven year trial in which she was put through brutal torture . During the last year of her life in prison, Reyhaneh wrote intimate and detailed accounts of her experiences and the unjust trial and verdict.

Why we need you?

Although, Reyhaneh's story is an individual experience, it has a universal resonance. We have heard many stories of injustice across the world. It could have been anybody in any country on that evening on 7th July, 2007. In crimes against women, the victim i.e, the woman is often blamed for being the reason for the crime. We all identify with this in varying degrees. So what should we do? Lets talk about it, express it and help each other speak out against this violence! We, Fats Thearts Collaborative, are voicing Reyhaneh Jabbari’s letters in a piece called 07/07/07 that is to open at the NCPA Centerstage Festival on 2nd December, 2015.Please contribute so that this story reaches as many people as possible.Follow our journey on 


Twitter: @Fatsthearts

Meet the team!

The ensemble consists of 10 actors (7 women, 3 men) and a director who has been devising this play for the last 6 months based on written accounts of Reyhaneh Jabbari.

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Faezeh Jalali (The Director)

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Faezeh Jalali is the Founder of the theatre collaborative, FATS Thearts,  Mumbai ( She is an actor, director, choreographer, teacher and trainer, with Theatre degrees from universities in the USA. Faezeh received her Master of Fine Arts degree, in Performance, from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s, Clarence Brown Professional Actors’ Training Programme, with a full scholarship for the 3 year course; and her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts (Acting and Directing concentrations) from Beloit College, Wisconsin, from which she graduated Magna cum Laude. Faezeh, has also done several courses as part of her ‘continuing education’ training, some of which include, a physical theatre and dance course from KiM (Kosmos in Movement), Berlin, Germany, the Spacelab and Movement course at LISPA (London international School of Performing Arts), London, UK, a workshop with Pilobolus Dance Theatre, NY, USA, among others. As an actor, Faezeh, has been part of several plays in India and abroad; some of which include, A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Tim Supple), Arms and the Man ( Naseerudin Shah), The Djinns of Eidgah ( Richard Twyman), Thook (Abhishek Majumdar) The Trestle at Popelick Creek, Ursula and Kaspar (Rehaan Engineer), As You Like It (Blake Robison), The Bacchae of Euripides and Three Sisters(directed by Elizabeth Craven), Pericles (directed by Joe Haj), among others. Her directorial pieces include, Jaal (by Annie Zaidi), for Writer’s Bloc 3, All in the Timing (by David Ives), Re-Lay (adapted by Abhishek Thakur), Dream Catcher (by Vijay Nair, co-directed with Trishla Patel), Objects in the Mirror are Closer than they Appear (co-directed with Choiti Ghosh) and recently directed a monologue (performed by Anu Menon) for Rage’s One on One 2. As a teacher and trainer, Faezeh conducts several workshops for students, professionals and corporates. She has done some films, television series and ad work, however, her first love is theatre- always.




Suruchi Aulakh has a degree in Psychology and Theatre from Loyola University, Chicago and is a trained dancer. She has been actively involved in theatre, television and films for the last 15 years. Suruchi runs her own theatre company, Jhoom - performing, managing, travelling and conducting workshops. She passionately believes in the power of theatre to transform lives.

Links to Suruchi’s work:

Jhoom Theatre:


Mahnaz Damania comes from a super supportive Parsi family and is from Ahmedabad. Talking about herself in third person makes her feel very important. After completing her BA in Psychology from Xaviers College (Ahmedabad)and then serving as an international flight attendant, she chose to pursue her creative interests instead. The Stella Adler Studio NY was her next step to achieve this goal and she spent 3 years in New York Studying and working . She has essayed the part of Harper Pitt in Angles in America: Perestroika at Adler  as her final project and performed  in an off broadway experimental adaptation of Sakharam Binder at the National Comedy Theatre NY. While training in Physical Expression during her time there, she found herself drawn towards collaborative devised story telling. She is filled with gratitude for everyone that has helped bring 777 to life and given us the opportunity to make 1 more voice heard. To Life!


Vikrant has recently finished his first year at the London International School of Performing Arts. His performance work includes Keep Calm and #ashtag (2015), a devised piece about negotiating gender in public and virtual spaces mentored by Sophia Stepf (Flinntheater), Confluencias (2014), an international theatre project devised and performed in France; Macbeth (2013), directed by John Britton in New Delhi, and Equus, which toured Mumbai and Bangalore between 2010-11. He is also co-founder (along with Neha Bhat) of Caught in the Act a performance collective that aims to make queer theatre visible and accessible across India.

Nikhil Murali

Nikhil Murali is an actor, singer and writer based in Mumbai. He has performed in a number of plays on the Delhi stage such as Blood Wedding, Once Five Years Pass, Withdrawal and One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. Nikhil has recently finished a one year course in theatre and theatre making at The Drama School, Mumbai and hopes to help tell more stories such as the one we are attempting to with 777.


Himani has worked as a hospital clown, actor, theatre facilitator and a theatre maker in Delhi. After completing a one year course in acting and theatre making from The Drama School Mumbai, she is planning to settle in the city. She is currently pursuing a diploma in Yoga and works as a theatre instructor in schools & NGOs.


After completing her BA (hons) in Acting from LASALLE College of the arts, Singapore in 2014. Since then she has worked in the Mumbai theatre industry with MASQUE's Vickram Kapadia in The Merchant of Venice and AKVarious' Akash Khurana in The Hound Of the Baskervilles, both under the Aadyam festival.


Tanvee Ravi is an alumnus of The Drama School, Mumbai. She began working as a Theatre maker in 2011 and has since worked with many productions in Bangalore. At The Drama School, Mumbai she has had the opportunity to work with many eminent Theatre Makers among them Yuki Ellias, Deepal Doshi, Prabhath Bhaskaran, Sankar Venkateswaran, and Geetanjali Kulkarni. Thereafter, she has pursued a path of Clown training with Ashwat Bhatt, Rupesh Tillu and Michael Moritz. Tanvee has worked with Sophia Stepf on a production that is a collaboration between Max Mueller Bhavan and Theatre Professionals in early 2015. Tanvee Ravi is an Inlaks Theatre Awardee and is also currently studying and performing Clown.


Natasha's passion for acting and theatre led her to permanently quit a successful career in advertising 6 years ago to pursue it full-time. Since then she has acted in a TV show 'Yudh', been part of numerous short films like 'Harimati' and 'Parchaii' and done several theatre productions including Stories in a Song, Marriage-ology, Blank Page, Unselfed and Ghar-Ghar. She has trained with TPPL through many of their actor training workshops snd also done a nine month method acting course at the Jeff Goldberg Studio. Her training as an Art Therapist often gives her new insights into her acting assignments. She believes acting is a life long artistic pursuit to be immersed in, moved by and learned from. 


Srishti Shrivastava is a 21 year old theatre artist from Mumbai. Having completed The Drama School Mumbai's one year course in acting and theatre making she is currently  trying to explore in greater depth the world physical theatre and devising content under the guidance of skilled theatre practitioners in the city. A dancer trained in Bharatanatyam, street jazz and contemporary dance, Srishti also topped her BMM class in Sophia college in 2014.


Navaneeth Venkateswar is a supposed  writer and director. He claims to have written and staged a musical named Rasputin at the NCPA. He has made a web series and several short films that nobody has seen and a documentary on political prisoners that Arundati Roy was kind enough to be a part of. He enjoys writing poetry and is passionate about all things theatre. He has nothing more to say about himself.

Links to Navaneeth’s work:

Acting work:

Writing  & Directing Two2Tango:





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