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Help The 8-Month-Old Infant Who Was Brutally Raped By Her 28-Year-Old Cousin

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“At what age is it safe for a girl to be alone, around a sexually active man?” or “If not family, where is a girl really safe?”.





Baby Nirbhaya

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On January 29, mother of an 8-month-old infant left her baby under the care of her sister-in-law and came back to her daughter crying and bleeding profusely from her genitals. The infant was raped by her 28-year-old cousin. This shockingly inhuman incident makes one wonder, “At what age is it safe for a girl to be alone, around a sexually active man?” or “If not family, where is a girl really safe?”.

Parents of the infant had left her in the care of mother of the accused because they had to go to work. The infant’s mother is a maid and her father is labourer. The families stayed in the same building on different floors. Police said that when alone, the accused took the baby to the top floor of the house on the pretext of playing with her and assaulted her sexually. In order to make her cries inaudible, he even gagged the baby’s mouth.  

When she found her baby in this horrifying state, the mother rushed to the hospital. With several severe injuries to her vitals, the infant is struggling for life. Her condition is critical despite having undergone several surgeries.  

When the cousin was questioned, he denied having anything to do with the injuries. However, sometime after the interrogation, he fled from the house. He has now confessed that he raped the baby under the influence of alcohol. 

That little soul is battling for her life at this very moment. She’s not even old enough to express her pain and suffering. Her parents are still trying to come to terms with the horror that their daughter went through.  

Her family needs all the support they can get to afford her medical treatment and wellbeing. We cannot possibly undo this heinous act, but together we can rescue her from the pain and suffering she’s going through and give her a better life. Help them out by donating and sharing their story as much as possible. 

These funds are specifically for Baby Nirbhaya. Delhi Commission For Women  has created a committee of external experts to oversee the safe transfer of funds from Ketto to the mother of Baby Nirbhaya. Delhi Commission For Women shall not benefit financially in any manner from this donation.


    by Baby Nirbhaya on February, 08 2018



    Hi we wish to thank all of you for your support and encouragement baby Nirbhaya (name changed to hide the identity) is currently out of danger and the ICU and is recuperating well, she is with her mother at a hospital in Delhi. Please note given the sensitivity of the case there is limited information we can share of the baby girl but we are positive to share updates on her progress. The funds raised will be going straight to her mothers account which will utilized for post operative treatment both mental and physical and her future welfare. Thank you once again for the love and support.

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