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Explore. Learn. Discover - The Antarctic Dream

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Help a passionate young girl represent India on an incredible expedition to the last wilderness on Earth - Antarctica!





Bhavna Singh

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About me:

Aerospace engineer by profession, traveler by heart and humanitarian by choice! Schooled in 6 different schools and having traveled across the length and breadth of our country, I fail to understand the differences of religion, caste, gender and borders. I enjoy simple pleasures of life – engaging with kids on various platforms or a day well spent in the lap of nature. With this spirit, I decided to join as Coordinating Head in IYONS, which even though in its nascent stage, witnessed youth leaders from across the world sharing dais to inspire through their work of relentless passion in fields of environment, education and human welfare,  while also brainstorming on the most compelling problems of our world. Have been part of Lakhon Mein Ek, a Pratham initiative to gauge the quality of education in rural India. I also support a girl child and fund her education to add wings to her dream of a better future. Having worked with the underprivileged community, I only intend to rise up and be the voice of the unheard.  Now, I have the honor of being selected for Leadership with an edge program, part of International Antarctic Expedition 2017.

What is the fuss all about?

2041 was founded by polar explorer, environmental leader and public speaker Robert Swan, OBE, the first person in history to walk to both the North and South Poles. Swan has dedicated his life to the preservation of Antarctica by the promotion of recycling, renewable energy and sustainability to combat the effects of climate change.

During 2003 Robert and his company, 2041, delivered the first corporate Antarctic Expedition on teamwork and leadership through positive participation and real missions. Over the years, the expedition team have helped design and build the world’s first education station (The E-Base) in Antarctica and helped in removal of 1500 tons of waste from the shores of Antarctica.

The purpose for the International Antarctic Expedition is to engage and inspire the next generation of leaders to take responsibility to build resilient communities and in doing so, preserve Antarctica. I have been selected to voyage to Antarctica to be part of “Leadership with an edge” program, which is a unique initiative that encompasses leadership, the environment, education and survival. With a carefully selected team, participants will explore the Antarctic Peninsula with on board experts and gain firsthand knowledge of the continent’s fragile ecosystem, experience its unique wildlife and observe the magnificent landscape of Antarctica, join in debates, be schooled on public speaking, all while learning about climate change, sustainability and what can be done as a group or individual to protect the last raw abyss on Earth.

Here’s why we should be worried!

India witnessed one of the severest monsoon deficits last year that left crops parched threatening the $370 billion agricultural sector that employs almost half of the Indian population. We also had 19 events of natural disasters, including floods, droughts, heat waves and an economic loss to the state exchequer of more than $3 billion from these disasters.  A total of 98.6 million people were affected by natural disasters in 2015 of which 92 percent were caused by climate change.

Still, major cities in India are producing up to 65000 tonnes of landfill waste each day, plastic has been lurking around in the ecosystem for many years without degrading which releases toxic gases and pollutants. 

 Where do i fit in?

I stand for what I stand on! I can only preach what i practice, from carrying my water bottle and backpack while setting foot for shopping or purchasing the produce straight from farmer's market, be it politely refusing polythene at shops or not carrying packaged food while travelling I am trying to reduce my carbon foot print. Help me make this movement global. Help me set foot on this incredible journey to learn climate change in real time and understand how best I can combat it! Help me connect with environmental experts and gain inspiration from best in the field on how I can lead the youth towards a Zero waste lifestyle. It will pave way for my long term vision of building and sensitizing communities on how to make better and conscious decisions as a consumer to help reduce our landfill waste and reduce our carbon footprint. 

 Why am I reaching out to you?


Although it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, this unique expedition comes at a cost. I need to raise Rs. 10 lakh for the expedition fee, air travel, extreme weather clothing and equipment. I am seeking help through this brilliant platform to help raise 60% of it.


Do support and share if you wish to see a fellow compassionate individual represent India on such a marvelous platform and become an agent of change! Even if you can not support monetarily, make small conscious changes from today which will go a long way in keeping our abode intact.

Thank you in advance. :)



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