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Geriatric Companion animals like Tsunami who is 13 years old need a separate shelter to live their life out in old age


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S. Chinny Krishna

About the Fundraiser

"Tsunami 's Tale"

Dec 24, 2004. The deadly tsunami hit the east coast of India. Thousands of human lives were lost and untold number of animals too perished .
Dec 26, 2004. Four ambulances of the Blue Cross of India left Chennai for the coastal areas to the south. Fitted out with plastic tanks carrying 2,000 litres of water, each vehicle was to serve as a mobile clinic in the affected villages of Cuddalore and Nagapattinam districts. Amazing help and cooperation was received from the Indian Red Cross and the Collectors of the affected districts, especially Gagandeep Singh Bedi and J. Radhakrishnan. Thousands of cattle, goats, poultry, and dogs were helped.
In Vailankanni, just beyond the Cathedral, one of our teams picked up three one-week puppies. Their mother who had been tethered in a compound close to the beach, perished along with the people in the house. The three puppies were washed inland and were deposited on a tall hedge and survived. A kind villager took them into his care and handed them, eyes still unopened, to a Blue Cross team.
An industrialist in Chennai who was a founder member of Blue Cross of India, fostered these and several other animals in his factory in Guindy.
Over the next two months, all the rescued animals, save one, were adopted. Two of the three puppies, were adopted by Mr. Shashi Nair, then editor of Business Line.
No home was found for the third puppy. The workers in the factory promptly named her Tsunami. An apt name indeed!
Now, almost thirteen years old, Tsunami is slowing down. Her eyesight is not as sharp, her hearing is diminished. From being the alpha dog of the factory pack, she has conceded leadership to another. She has a tumor on her chest which has been treated twice. However, she happily greets all visitors to the factory and is a most effective member of the security staff at night.
We love our old parents and grandparents, and wouldn't ever think of abandoning them. So how can we not take care of the old Companion animals?? They have to be taken care of too! We can't just forget about them!!
 So a special geriatric home is urgently needed at the Blue Cross, to take care of Companion animals like Tsunami.
The company owner who has more than a dozen rescued dogs at his home, may not be able to give Tsunami the care and attention she certainly deserves.
I am sure that you will help make this geriatric home a reality?
The Company owner has pledged to match every donation upto Rs.100,000. Which means that the first donations totaling Rs.100,000 will automatically become Rs.200,000. Another Rs.745,000 and our goal of Rs.945,000 is reached.
Here's a very good cause to donate to! So let's see you bring out your cheque books, both fat and thin.!
You can donate for the geriatric home for Companion animals through our link.


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