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Playscape for rural children near IIT Kharagpur

Charity Children

Help us revive the recreation of childhood by bringing them back to playground, modernizing the infrastructure of school





IIT Kharagpur Volunteers

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Someone rightly said that “The soul is healed by being with children”. It is indeed our duty as individuals to nourish, nurture and protect such wonderful gifts of the universe. With the same fervour, we work intensively towards the amelioration of less fortunate children. At the IIT Kharagpur chapter we have meted out several such efforts for two adopted schools of villages situated close to IITKGP- Arashini and Amlatoria [Kharagpur, West-Bengal]. On a regular basis, we organize weekly school sessions, science exhibitions and medical camps for the children. Apart from that we also conduct community meetings to enlighten the people about various factors such as health, hygiene, and environment. Additionally, we have also conducted several sessions on awareness against “Child Sexual Abuse” and “Child Labour”.

In our new initiative, we have collaborated with Anthill Playscapes, started by IIT KGP alumnus, where they make playgrounds for children in a unique way by using cost-effective practices such as industrial waste and localized sourcing techniques.









The collaboration of IIT Kharagpur volunteers and Anthill wants to ensure that all the children have fun and excitement in their lives and therefore to support our motive we are hoping to raise INR 1,25,000 to support the kids from the Amlatoria school. They do not have a playground right now and the amount you donate will go in giving the children a playful and memorable childhood. Please help us spread smiles and cheerfulness and make the world a happier place for children











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  • Playground in Kharagpur Completed!

    by IIT Kharagpur Volunteers on June, 12 2018



    Here is the candyland for children where they can play and learn. Thanks to each one of you for making this a reality. :)

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