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Pinky is like any other 5-year old – laughing, with bright, twinkling eyes filled with hopes and dreams for her life, in her case, to be a doctor. But unlike other 5-year olds, those dreams might never come true. Her parents are migrant labourers from West Bengal and toil hard to ensure she eats twice a day, forget sending her to school. Her only fault is that she was born in an underprivileged family.


This is not the story of Pinky alone. There are thousands of other children unaware of the fate awaiting their dreams. But we can save and nurture those dreams. We can send them to school. We can help them take the initial steps towards a fulfilling life rather than the one fate chose for them. All we need to do is to contribute a little towards this end.


We, at Agrasar run non-formal learning centres in Gurgaon for underprivileged children. Currently, 150 students in the age group of 5-12 are studying through the program. These children are later mainstreamed into formal schools to carry on their learning process after reaching age-appropriate learning levels. Our experience shows that the children, irrespective of their background or previous academic performance, show curiosity and eagerness to learn if they are provided with a safe and conducive learning environment.

However, often the progress is constrained due to lack of sufficient funds for school fees and processes.

We want to change that. We wish to make a fresh start for these children. 


We aim to raise Rs. 15,000/- per child to support 8 children and ensure that their annual school expenses are taken care of. This includes admission fee, uniform, books and other stationery.


Let's raise Rs. 1,20,000 and help them take a step ahead. Even a contribution equivalent to one of our weekend dinners can ensure that the twinkle in their eyes never goes dim.

All we need to do is to contribute a little towards this end.

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Thank you for your support!



  • We need your support

    by Agrasar on May, 03 2017



    Thank you friends! for your generous support. Rs 37,250 (31% of the Rs 1,20,000 goal) raised in the first week of our #ketto campaign. We need more support...

    Every single penny will make a significant difference in the lives of Pinky and 07 other children currently studying at Agrasar Bachpan. Our aim through this fund raising campaign is to help them get admitted in formal school, families aspire for - and is reliable in terms of quality of education. 

    Please share the campaign on your social media like whatsapp groups, facebook shares or any other possible.

    Thank You once again!

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