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Constable Needs Money For Urgent Operation






Ananda Patil

About the Fundraiser

My son always says, “Fight till the very end and give it your all so you can face your own self.” And that’s what I’m trying to live every moment by. My 28-year-old son Deepak, is a constable in Dongri Police since 6 years now. Right from when he was a kid, he was passionate about serving the country and the people; so we weren’t surprised when he decided to appear for the examination. He’s the bravest person I know; never thinks twice before helping someone in need or doing right by someone. Whenever I come to Mumbai, his seniors and friends at the police station always have the nicest things to say about him - he makes me so proud.


Today, my brave and tough son has lost all sense of who he is. 10 days back, I saw my usually quiet and friendly son trying to bite the flesh off of whoever came close to his mouth, while four of his closest friends struggled to tie him to the ambulance bed. Do you know how terrifying it is to see your full grown son behave like that? I was so horrified, I could barely move. My son Deepak Patil is at End Stage of Liver Disease and Hepatitis B.

 I’m sharing my story because after trying everything in my capacity, I’m now in desperate need of help to keep my son alive. He hasn’t opened his eyes since that violent day. He’s unconscious and breathing with the help of machines that travel through his body. To save his life, he needs to get an early liver transplant that costs us a total of Rs. 22,00,000.


I’m Ananda Patil, Deepak’s father. My family comprises of my wife, three daughters and my son.

Deepak’s service was our only constant source of income that got him about Rs. 15,000 every month. Since this disease got the better of him, that amount has stopped coming in too. Every passing moment, I think of what I can possibly do to get the money we need to save our only son?

 Deepak had started a new chapter in his life, it had just been a year for his marriage when this disease caught him. Sometime in July, he started turning yellow and developed fever. He lost his appetite; he just wouldn’t eat and he even started having trouble sleeping. When we took him to the hospital, after a few tests, the doctors explained what had happened. Deepak’s liver had failed and he needed a replacement at the earliest.

 I just didn’t know how to respond to that. Deepak had always been the one hand holding us in all kinds of situation. I come from a small village in Kolhapur, it’s difficult for me to understand the ways or people of this city. Now with him lying on the hospital bed, I suddenly feel directionless and overwhelmed. Everyday there’s a new bill that we have to arrange money for - either for the medicines, or the machines or the hospital. I hope no father goes through this gut wrenching pain of seeing their own son suffer and failing to manage the amount that’s required to pull him out of that misery.

 Deepak has always been in everyone’s good books. I say that because most of the funds that we’ve already spent on his treatment have come from his well-wishers and friends. When we explained Deepak’s situation to one of his close friends, he gave an entire month’s salary to us, without batting an eyelid. I wish I could tell Deepak how he was helping me despite being in such a bad place. We’ve spent over Rs. 1 lakh so far. I’ve sold all that my land has produced so far, it hasn’t come anywhere close to the amount we need to rescue our son from this disease. Now we’re hoping to get help in the form of donations from kind people who read our story.

 A few days back, amidst so much despair, the doctors at the Jupiter Lifeline Hospitals Ltd, gave me a ray of hope. Since one of my daughter’s blood type matches Deepak’s, they said, she could become his donor. When we asked her if she’s willing to do something like this for her brother, her only response was, “I’d do whatever it takes to save my brother’s life.”

 Now that God has finally showed us the way - everything depends on how fast we arrange for the amount that a simple man like me cannot even dream of. This world needs more people like my son. Please help me save his life - it would mean the world to me and my family.


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  • Thank You All!

    by Ananda Patil on February, 02 2018



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  • Thank You

    by Ananda Patil on November, 27 2017



    Thank you everyone who donated to save my son.I cannot tell you people how grateful I am to all of you.You have got our family out of this seemingly impossible situation and given my son a new life. I cannot thank you lovely people enough.

    My son has been dischaged from the hospital and now there is remarkable improvement in his health. We still have to be very cautious as his immune system is still very weak. The doctor has advised 6 months rest for Deepak, and after this he can start working again and life will be back to normal.We could not have even dreamed that such a day could come in the near future . Thank You for changing my son's life .Our whole family will be forever indebted to you.

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