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Our kids are underprivileged, but that doesn't stop them from putting constant efforts to be champions in their lives.





Kanvi and Charu

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About us: We are Teach For India fellows currently teaching a bunch of 54 competent, dynamic 9th graders in a Government English Medium School (DTC - Dharavi Transit Camp) in Dharavi, Mumbai.


Kanvi Goyal and Charu Jain are first year Teach For India fellows who started their fellowship in June, 2017. They firmly believe that grit and perseverance have the power to transform lives. They see themselves as guiding lights in the lives of their kids which they strive to make a little better everyday. Both of them are cheerful individuals who love to explore new places and cuisines together. Kanvi has done her Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from IIT Roorkee. Charu has done her Masters in Economics and Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from BITS Pilani - K.K. Birla Goa Campus.
Mansi Koshyari  is a second year Teach For India fellow who started her fellowship in May, 2016. She believes in making the ordinary come alive, when the realities around are tough and getting the opportunities is tougher. She sees herself as a coach and guide to her kids and strives everyday to change the lives of her kids. She is an ardent traveler who also loves to read and eat. She has a Master's in Public Policy.

About our kids:  

They call themselves "DTC Champions" who strive to achieve success in whatever they do. Alongside, they also climb the mountain of excellence everyday, depending on their academic performance, behavior inside and outside the classroom and their ability to identify their areas of development and leverage their strengths. They are full of energy, calibre, curiosity and passion and are always ready to learn and explore any new opportunity. They have become football fanatics, enjoy their Saturdays or free time playing different board games and love to go to APB Cook Studio to learn and cook different cuisines from across the world. They are always spirited and competitive when it comes to inter-group class activities or quizzes. They constantly operate with the values of GROW - Grit, Respect, Ownership and We. They are confident, outspoken and street smart, always enthusiastic about having visitors and do not hesitate from having any kind of interactions with anybody. They are the thinkers, explorers, visionaries and leaders in their own right and leave us awestruck by their multidimensional approach of thinking towards issues like Domestic Violence, Gender Inequality, Educational Inequity, Infrastructural problems at School and in the Community, etc. They truly bring hope, courage and strength to us and push us each day to work towards their brighter futures, because they make us believe that they really deserve it.

Your importance as a Stakeholder:

Unfortunately, it is the lack of funds which hinders the implementation of a lot of plans for our kids. We call out for your support to help us reach our goals for the classroom and move closer to our vision for the kids.

These are the few things that we require funds for:

1. Classroom stationery, workbooks, worksheets - Rs. 30000/per year

Need: In order to facilitate and ensure maximum learning for the kids inside and outside the classroom, We are required to provide worksheets (different for different kids everyday), workbooks and practice books in English and Maths, story books (fiction and non-fiction), puzzles and brain games books. We also need pens, chalk, duster, chart papers, markers for different classroom teaching requirements.

2. Football coaching and kit - Rs. 35000 /per year

Need: Our kids are a part of an exhilarating platform called Just For Kicks. Playing football means staying back for three hours after school twice in a week and they always adhere to the timings and never miss a day of the practice sessions. Funds will be required for purchasing jerseys, shin pads, shoes and for funding their coaching.

3. Projector and Screen - Rs. 20000

Need: In an attempt to digitise our classroom which would ensure that quality content is being taught across all subjects in an engaging manner that also makes efficient use of the time at hand, we are aiming at installing a projector in our class. Funds will be required to purchase and install the projector in our classroom.

4. Field Trips (8-10 Field Trips per year) - Rs. 35000/per year

Need: We believe field trips are an integral part of our students' education and have planned to take them to places like Borivali National Park, National Modern Art Gallery, Nehru Planetarium, Industrial Visits, etc. and places alike to increase their access and exposure. These trips will be organized once in a month and would include transportation charges, charges for food, drinks and tickets.

Our kids need your help in order to realize their dreams and create better future for themselves.We need your help to fulfill our dream of giving these kids an excellent education. Kindly help us in the pursuit of our dreams.

The state of education in India is dreadful. Let's join hands to change the status quo for some bright minds.

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Kindly reach out to us at,, for any further clarification about our work and our classroom. 


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