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Empower Children to Learn English On Their Own

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Technology cannot replace a teacher; but it can create better learning experiences for students.





Kanchan Shine
  • Thank You for helping me achieve my goal!

    by Kanchan Shine on February, 01 2017



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  • Making Progress.

    by Kanchan Shine on January, 27 2017



    One letter at a time, and then one word at a time. The children have begun reading, and it's all thanks to those who have contributed to the project - so THANK YOU!

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
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About the Fundraiser

My name is Kanchan Shine. I am an Education Consultant. I have spent over 13 years working in the education domain. Through my journey, many extraordinary teachers, scholars and practitioners in this field have inspired me. The education system in India concerns me deeply, especially issues related to providing equal access to quality education.

The Reality of Education in Low Income Schools

Today every parent wants their children to go to an English Medium school, so that they can learn to speak, read and write English. English is perceived as the language of the global world and a means to achieve upward social mobility. This is further supported by the fact that people who can speak English fluently earn a higher wage rate than those with little or no fluency.

To cater to this demand, many government as well as private low-income schools in India have begun offering English as a medium of instruction, despite the fact that the teachers in primary-levels do not have the knowledge or skills to teach English.

Most children in these schools are first-generation English language learners, that is, their parents do not speak English, and neither does anyone in their neighbourhood. As a result they do not develop reading and comprehension fluency and continue moving ahead in classes with a weak foundation of the English language.

When students are behind in reading during kindergarten and first grade, they continue to fall further behind in school (Nelson et al., 2012). Students who have problems with word recognition or fluency struggle with comprehension and reading proficiency.

The Solution

If first-generation primary class students are organised in groups and provided access to a computer pre-loaded with/Internet games and activities based on phonics and reading fluency, they will be able to play games and activities with little direction or guidance, and through incidental learning, acquire reading fluency and comprehension skills.

The Plan

I am pilot testing a learning model, with 30 children of a Sr. Kg class of a low-income school, in Malad West, Mumbai. The children will attend 3 sessions/week in the Language Lab, where they will be play online phonetic and reading activities, and through these activities learn phonic sounds and learn to read 3 letter words and simple sentences.

This model does not depend on an English teacher, and it can yet achieve the objective of building reading fluency skills.


The Impact


The learning model (tested in the pilot study) is a plug-and-play. Any low-income school can adopt it easily, with minimum investment. It is not dependent on the availability of an English teacher. It will enable students to gain a strong foundation of the English language and will empower them to move to higher standards with more confidence.

The Appeal

The entire pilot test is self-funded. I am not charging the school any fees for designing the activity session plans, conducting pre and post tests and executing and monitoring every session for 3 months. I want to video record all the sessions and use the recordings as documentary proof of the pilot test case study. The cost for recording the sessions and finally creating a video documentary is Rs. 5,00,000.

The documentary is a critical component of the entire pilot testing project.  I need your support to raise the money for the video documentary. The money contributed will be paid as professional fees to the Director as well as the Technical team who will record and create the documentary.

Please contribute any amount you can (whether small or big) to help me with this project.

Spread The Word

Please share this link with your friends, family and among your network to ask them to support this initiative.

Share it on your Facebook timeline, tag me and tag people who would like to donate.

I believe that each child has the right to receive GOOD QUALITY education, and I really HOPE that you help me reduce the INEQUALITY that exists in the education system in our country.

Thank you,


Kanchan Shine


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