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  • Thank you donors!! :) Padhega India tabhi Badhega India.

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  • 83,300 of 1,00,000 goal amount has been raised. It won't be possible without our love and support. Thank you so much! Just few supporters and we will hit the goal.

    by Aman Raja on September, 14 2017



    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
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About the Fundraiser

 "Bridging the gap between the learner and the learned"

Schools form the foundational entity enabling students to progress through their intellectual and moral pathway but in the present scenario, this is more realistic and applicable to the private schoolgoers and not to the government school students. Through our initiative we try to terminate this trend by uplifting those who are unable to afford these necessary expenses, by bringing together like-minded teachers who would hence promote the nurturing minds to the fullest.
It is said that a bamboo plant can tolerate all kinds of weather situations when compared to the Banyan tree because it is flexible, strong and firm in its structure. Synonymously, this should how a young student be in his academic approach.

Under "Gyankunj" we have undertaken following tasks:
1. We will be working with students of class 9 to 12 and train them to teach primary school students.
2. Our objective is to provide these leaders with stationeries, classrooms, a laptop for seminars etc- and other amenities.
3. We will be organising quizzes, writing competitions and debates for the students every 3 months.

A small contribution from you give us more fuel and energy. Keep showering love and spread our fundraiser.
Thanks in advance! 


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