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Hasit Ganatra

About the Fundraiser

Hi, we are Hasit and Lisa from ReMaterials! It is our mission to provide superior shelter for families living in slums and villages in the developing world, starting in India - and we need your help!


Shelter is one of the most basic human needs, since it provides safety, protection from the elements and privacy. However, rapid migration to cities is fueling massive growth of slums and poor quality urban housing worldwide. Over 1 billion people in slums and villages worldwide are not safe, secure, or proud of their homes because they lack adequate roofing. As of now, these people are forced to live under corrugated metal and asbestos-cement sheets, the only affordable option in the market. These roofs provide no insulation, no weather protection, are weak and constantly subject to leakage. "It doesn't feel like a home", like one customer put it. Cement slab is the only available high-quality roofing option, but at 10 times of the cost of low quality roofs, it is for most families simply out of financial reach. 


To solve the problem, we developed an innovative low cost modular roofing tile to fill this huge market gap: ModRoof

    -    The product is made almost entirely from packaging and agricultural waste. 

    -    ModRoof is strong, so families can walk on it and do their daily chores.

    -    The tiles don’t crack or corrode, so reliable weather protection is provided.

    -    Because of its modularity, it is easy to ship, install, and repair - and it can be installed room by         room, according to the budget.

This high quality is achieved at 40% of the cost of concrete slab roofs. Last but not least: families adore its aesthetics and can be proud of their colorful roof!  It transforms their house into a home.


To our understanding, a high-quality and affordable roofing system will change these people's lives drastically. They will be able to sleep, work and study under their roofs, feeling safe and proud of their homes.  Our roofing solution leads to a strong improvement in living conditions and can have tremendous transformative impact on quality of life, health and future prospects.  

As you can see on the pictures, we have already installed our first two roofs. We would like to raise 4,800 USD to install 10 more pilot ModRoofs in different slum communities! This will help us learn more about our customers, product market fit, and gain visibility. Your donation will be transformed into amazing roofs, that change the life of the residents. 

Thank You, Hasit and LisaImage title

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ReMaterials is one of the 14 distinguished Finalists at the 7th edition of Sankalp Awards. They have been shortlisted by India's first impact angel network, I3N (Intellecap Impact Investment Network) from 400+ enterprises across six high impact sectors and compete for the prestigious 'Sankalp Awards 2015'. Join them at the Global Sankalp Summit 2015 on April 9-10, at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. Click here for more. 


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