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Need funds for my daughter's dialysis to fight HUS

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Jeevitha(6 month old baby)suffering from atypical HUS.She should undergo Plasmapheresis & Dialysis everyday until cured.


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Rajeeva Madenur Shreenivasiyangar

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I have two kids one is 3 year old boy (Jwalanth) and other is 6 months old angel (Jeevitha). We were very happy staying together with our parents and kids and leading simple life. When the kids smile or do naughty things all our tiredness/sadness goes away.  

All of a sudden my daughter feeling sick and was not passing urine for a day. When we  went to Dr. Gnyanamurthi sir, he advised us to get her admitted to hospital immediately because he had suspected some infection.

First we admitted her in Sagar hospital near Jayanagar Bangalore on 3rd Mar'2018. Where, upon initial investigation, they suspected it as Hemolytic Uramic Syndrome (HUS). Since my daughter having lesser platelets and less hemoglobin and higher creatine, Dr. Basavaraju sir advised her to get her admitted in Rainbow hospital. She is now taking treatment in Rainbow Childrens hospital. Dr. Akshay Shetty, Dr. Sujatha, Dr. Saumil Gaur, Dr. Deepak and other doctors and supporting staffs are treating her for atypical HUS. Her platelets and hemoglobine gone down and creatine is high.

Since her kidneys not functioning and it require dialysis and plasmaphersis everyday. It should be continued until kidneys start working again. As per doctors it may take few week(s) or few month(s) to treat. She is in Pediatric Intensive Unit (PICU).

It is very painful to see loved ones crying in one side, a son missing her mother in another side and small little girl fighting for her life.

When my little angel is fighting her war of life, I am feeling helpless when I am running out of funds to support her fight.

Every day PICU costing me around 70 to 80 thousand rupees. I have pulled out all my savings and taken loans with all possible sources but it is insufficient when compared to day today expenses in hospital (Attached bills as of today) and I am going for this final option as a ray of hope to save my angels treatment. If it takes two months to treat her in this hospital, with the same treatment, they are estimating around 30 to 40 lakhs. It may go high again if it is not treated within 2 months. 

Any financial help from your end, however small it may be, would be a lot of help. Your contribution and good wishes give her strength to fight a war against life, it also give us our angel back to our family again.

Many thanks for your help/wishes.


Some information.

Hospital name - Rainbow Children Hospital Marathhalli near doddanakundi Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.



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  • Progress as of today

    by Rajeeva Madenur Shreenivasiyangar on March, 26 2018



    Hello everyone, I am sorry, I could not get time to thank individual who helped and praying for my daughter's recovery.

    "You are the one, who are sent by the god to help my daughter".

    "Thanks very much for your help and prayers. Words cannot express/describe how grateful we are for your help and prayers".  

    Because of the nature of the problem, it would take some more time to treat her. 

    I request your continuous blessings/ kind help to continue her battle further. 

    My daughter is still undergoing plasmapherisis and dialysis in Rainbow hospital Bangalore.

    She is now treated with Retuximab (2nd dosage has been give today).

    Although she is showing some positive progress for the treatment, it is not enough.

    I am in the process of procuring the medicine - Soliris (Eculizumab, 2*300mg (2 vial)) to treat this

    problem in my daughter. It is the medicine for aHUS, hopefully she will get better once we give that medicine to her.

    Initially, I was not having confidence to buy this medicine because of the cost

    and the process involved in procuring it from abroad (not available in India). But after seeing your help and motivation, as a last ray of hope,

    I have started the process to procure this medicine. It may come to hopital in a 7 to 8 days.

    Because of the nature of the problem, it may take some more time to treat her.

    I request your continuous blessings/ kind help to continue her battle further.

    Thanks so much for your kind help and prayers.


    Ph: +917760052126

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