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Help Mangcha, a hit and run victim survive!

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His leg is also his livelihood.Help him survive.





Nishant Sinha

About the Fundraiser

The last update 

Mangcha has been operated on. Many well-wishers think that the job has been done. Some of them still ask about his current situation. A few have even brought up the idea of Mangcha giving a share of his raised funds to someone else in need considering he has exceeded his goal, twice.

But anybody who gets a good morning message from Mangcha’s brother in Manipur and hears the voice of the heartbroken mother who has no clue of how her child is now and talks to a desperately thankful but equally vulnerable younger brother in Bangalore knows that the job is not done. In fact there is none to be done here.

Wasn’t Rs. 4,75,000 all that was required to save his leg and his life? If not that then the additional Rs. 1,25,000 must have sufficed for his treatment and recovery?

Yes, Manghca has been operated on, shall I dare use the word successfully, in medical terms perhaps, but in Mangcha and his family’s life the success or the failure of the operation will only be a point of discussion when Mangcha starts walking again.

He will be discharged from the hospital on Thursday so he can go home on Christmas, not to celebrate it but because his younger brother would have a holiday to engage in the process of shifting Mangcha from the hospital who right now has been instructed to use his left leg to start moving. But moving is a pain. With him barely able to place a foot and stand still long enough to urinate, walking seems like a distant dream.

Does it mean that all those who have contributed have done so in vain? Surely not! The family is absolutely grateful to each and every person who has made it possible for Mangcha today to at least get out the bed and look at things standing perpendicular, even if it is for brief moments.

I don’t know how strong Mangcha is with his geometry but today he will understand the difference in lying parallel on the bed and standing perpendicular to the floor like never before.

Let’s not forget the doctors’ contribution here. My father is a doctor himself and at times it may be an easy choice to say that it’s their job but we all have jobs. It is important that one does it well and with good intentions. Roland says the doctors have been extremely supportive and have helped him by standing up for him when the hospital’s policies prohibited certain procedures.

It is easy to forget things and if we can get over bomb blasts and rapes, one man’s crushed leg is going to go down with the first beer on the weekend. It goes without saying that I am hoping that through this article and a few others that I have written before I am able to leave an impression, a little deeper than usual, deep enough for you to ask me again about his condition, ask me how his new year was and ask me if he needs help again.

Merry Christmas!

Update 5

Starting this update with a warm thank you from Mangcha and his family to all you beautiful people.

About the current medical condition

So Magcha went into surgery yesterday at 2 pm where his legs(previously attached together for grafting) have now been seperated. He came out of the OT at around 7pm and had a mild fever so he has been asked to continue with some injections.
Depending on his health we would know when he would be discharged and I would update you as soon as I know.
Image title
                                                  As you can see both the legs have now been separeted

About the bank account 
 Mangcha and Roland's elder brother Thangboi who lives in Manipur, has finally sent his account details and I have uploaded the same on Ketto for startiing the money transfer.

What can you do next

Most people visitng the website or reading this update have already contributed so I request you to only share this with your frirends and family so that even if one of them contributes it makes a huge difference.


Update 4

The media has got it covered, thanks to the HINDU for bringing this to the public’s eye.
To all those selfless well-wishers, take a bow!

Also something interesting for the folks from Bangalore I just found out that Magcha was working as a bar assistant at LoveShack Domlur. So if anybody wants to inform the owners about Mangcha's condition and get them assist him in any way, it would be brilliant. 


This is absolutely fascinating! We have reached our goal –Rs 4,75,000! A heartfelt thanks to everyone single person who contributed in any manner cash or kind!
Image title

But have we reached our goal yet- to help Mangcha survive? Almost, but we do have to realise that Mangcha will be out of job or any physical activity at least for the next six months (unofficial timeframe by which he should be able to walk, if he does).

Six months of physiotherapy, six months of rent in Bangalore since his village won’t have the requisite support required for his recovery, six months of post-surgery medication, six months of investing in various kinds of walkers/crutches/, six months of struggling to eat 540 meals( considering three meals a day and never mind the protein intake that would be required for healing) , six months of not knowing if he’ll ever be normal again.

Can we put a price to it? I don’t know. So let me just say that I am increasing the campaign goal to Rs 6,00,000 in the fragile attempt to put a number to his misery.

Signing off
with a firm belief that we shall be able to raise this sum with the same enthusiasm as we did the initial bit




Update 3

About emotions
This update took some time because what has unfolded in the last few days has been something beautiful. The amount we have raised so far is evident on the screen and more than 200 people who contributed and counting are also listed, barring some anonymous angels. This can’t take away the efforts of even more people who spread the word like wildfire that made the campaign to save one man’s leg so heartwarming.

Lying in his hospital bed Mangcha gets visitors he never imagined he would encounter in his life. 
He thanks me. I get a call from Mangcha’s family back in Churchadpur (Manipur) they thank me. And I am burdened with the thankyous and God bless yous and I can’t explain to them that this phenomenon is not my doing alone, it’s a case of people uniting for a cause where the only motive, as one of the donors put it, was ‘fulfilling their responsibility towards society.'

I personally don’t know how I feel currently and may be reflecting upon this a few years down the line would let me express it in words. 
Yet if 200 people actively contributed and others spread the word, some did nothing and that annoyed me for a while, when reaching the goal seemed a herculean task but now I understand that it’s okay. I may have cursed you in my head and thought ill of you not considering that you must have your reasons on this day but tomorrow you will definitely help someone else in your own way. 
Hence, to everyone,Roland, Mangcha, his brother and parents back home and I send gratitude. If we haven’t been able to reach out to you personally to say how much it means to Mangcha and his entire family then forgive me as it was completely unintentional and I can only blame my time management skills for that. Please consider this message as personal as it gets.

About the money
On Friday evening around 7 pm Roland collected a sum of Rs 50,200 from my sister, after a number of well wishers acted on the urgency to make liquid cash available to Roland and transferred the money directly to her account. Thank you.
But now the poor girl is going to get taxed for this unverified earning this month so I kindly request you stop transferring money to her account, just transfer it directly to the ketto account. Even with the service charges deducted its going to help, after all we must thank Ketto for providing us this platform where fairytales come true. Ketto you deserve your service charge.

Medical condition

I couldn’t get an update on the status of the current surgery, will surely update it as soon as I do but I know that within 3- 4 days the final surgery is going to take place post which he shall be discharged in another 3 days.

What next?
Those of you are wondering what will happen to the money which is raised beyond the goal, I must say that how much ever we raise will not be enough and even after the campaign is over, I’ll try my best or ask Roland to update you about the post surgery progress. So let’s push it to reach the goal and beyond, let’s take it the whole way! Keep the goodness flowing.

What more can you expect?
I’ll try and get Roland to face the camera and say a few words, give him his celebrity moment, now that he sounds and feels a little lighter, managing to laugh at a few jokes. So please stay tuned.

Update 2

About the medical condition:
The surgery apparently is going to happen at midnight (11/12/2015) which is what I had described earlier as separating the leg half way, in medical terms the procedure is called flap delay.

Mangcha has a little infection in his leg so he has to be on injections starting today for 5 days. 3 injections per day each costing approximately Rs 1000/- (So anybody who is wondering what a small sum of Rs 1000 as contribution can do, it can help in stopping the infection)

The next and final surgery will be done on Monday, in medical terms this is called flap division. As a part of this procedure they'll completely separate his legs.

Once that's done he can be discharged within 2 days.

About the well wishers
I cannot thank the efforts of strangers, family and friends who have made selfless contribution sin cash and kind to raise the amount we have and given Mangcha and his family a thick ray of hope.
Some of the well wishers actually visited Roland and his brother today, others have called him over the phone. Some pastor has come down to pray for him.
A few well wishers also suggested names of NGOs that could help.

About the money
Today (10/12/2015)we have managed to collect enough money through direct bank transfers to my sister’s account as he needed liquid cash which Roland will pick up tomorrow evening.

Henceforth I request the donors to put in their contributions through the Ketto site itself
I am confident that with this continued support we will reach our goal and it would be no harm even if we exceed it because post operative costs are no mean affair.

Bottom line
Any kind of help, suggesting cheaper hospitals, supply of medicines, I can go on and yes help in catching the culprit is more than welcome.


Mangcha will go under the knife today at 2 pm where they will separate the legs and put some lotion which will enhance the skin growth.

The medical history so far
Here is a detailed update of the surgery process so far in lay man terms.
Due the huge amount of skin loss on the right leg apart from the fractures for the past three weeks Mangcha's legs have been joined together so that skin from the left leg could grow on to the right leg.
The doctor mentioned as a processor skin grafting.

Last Monday (7/12/2015) they started the process of separating the legs. 

Within 3- 4 days from today( 10/12/2015) the final surgery should be performed if everything goes well.

As you can see in the image above the legs attached together.

Since I am not in Bangalore this is my transcript of a phone conversation.
It may have medical inaccuracies and I wouldn't want to claim expertise.

About Mangcha the person
I spoke to Mangcha and asked him how he is,quite obviously a feeble voice replied saying "not good" When I told him that people from across the country and abroad are helping to
get him back on his feet he was not elated or excited but said a quite thank you.

About the money
They need a downpayment of Rs 60,000 for the next surgery maximum by Friday( 11/12/2015)since the doctor has been kind enough to extend the timeline. But they will need the full amount by Monday (13/12/2015)

About transferring directly to bank account
Some people have enquired if they can transfer directly to the victim’s bank account to avoid Ketto service charge and give the patient some cash flow but sadly the truth is both of them don’t have a bank account.
This is how bad their condition is. Mangcha receives his salary in cash, since it is not much of an income and Roland’s account is also defunct due to low fund flow.

Ad hoc solution
I have been collecting the money directly in my sister’s bank account who lives in Bangalore and asked Roland to collect the money from her.

Next step
Roland is opening a bank account in Mysore bank by Saturday so that the money can be transferred to his account ASAP

Roland says hi along with Mangcha.

About me

I currently work in an advertising agency in Mumbai and am also an alumni of the Teach For India fellowship (2011-2013).

Roland (the victim's brother) was my junior in college (St. Joseph's college of arts and science, Bengaluru) but my only interaction with him happened on the 6th of December 2015, four years after we graduated, while he was desperately looking for help.
He said he had this belief that I could somehow help him.

About the victim

L Songinmang Khongsai (aka Mangcha) hails from a tiny village in Churchandpur district of Manipur and works as a waiter in a bar in Domlur, Bangalore. His parents are old and used to be farmers with little to no income. He lives with his younger brother Roland in Bangalore. Mangcha is the family's bread winner.

Roland works in a call centre and was preparing for his UPSC exams when disaster struck. Currently he is struggling to survive let alone pay for his brother's surgery. He recently sold his motorcycle( Pulsar 220) for Rs 65,000 and has nothing else to even mortgage.

About the accident

On 9th November 2015, as Mangcha left for work after his break between 3 pm - 7 pm, he was run over by an SUV at an unmanned U turn in Domlur,Bangalore. There were no proper eye witnesses to report the incident and filing an FIR was the last thing the brothers could think of. One of the bystanders didn't wait for an ambulance and took him to the Manipal Hospital from where he was transferred to Bhagwan Mahavir Jain Hospital, Millers road.

Victim's condition
In lay man words his right leg has been crushed and the man who did it has walked away shamelessly. The other details are mentioned in the medical certificate.
Image title

How can you help?
Roland not only has to bear the cost of Rs 4, 75,000 for the surgery (details mentioned in the medical certificate) he also has to constantly buy medications which costs in multiples of Rs 1000 and he only earns Rs 13,000 a month with a house rent of Rs 7000

Your contribution can not only save Mangcha's leg but also his entire family.

The condition is serious and the surgery has already been postponed due to lack of funds. Everyday he stays in the hospital the costs go up by at least Rs 10,000. Time is extremely short.

Why should you help?
One Indian hit and ran away, hundreds of Indians can reverse that. Let's help Mangcha for humanity's sake.

Who can you contact?

Roland Khongsai  +91 9066103496
Mangcha(victim)  +91 8197364231
Nishant Sinha         +91 7715910407
Dr Deepak Shetty  +91 9880710945

  • Mangcha has a message for his supporters!

    by Nishant Sinha on June, 22 2016



    Dear Backers,

    As some of you may have received an email from me where I have stated why I am starting another campaign for Mangcha. This update is meant for those who may have missed the email. ( Please check your email from my email id to understand where I am coming from). 
    Here's Mangcha explaining to my friend who met him in Bangalore what exactly happened that day followed by his gratitude for your support. The new campaign is live here
    Let us finish what we started and help Mangcha walk.

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
    Help spread the word!


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