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Help Mangcha recover

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You are the reason his leg is not amputated. Will you be the reason Mangcha walks again? Help Mangcha recover.





Nishant Sinha
  • I am sorry.

    by Nishant Sinha on July, 08 2016



    I have been very silent this time, probably because of the problems that I am through personally. So I haven't been able to thank you enough for the contributions. Thank you :)

    But Mangcha shouldn't be the one suffering for this. His requirement of Rs 2,00,000 is urgent and essential and that cannot be achieved without your support. 
    I know you have already contributed but as I have said multiple times during the last campaign, sharing this campaign with your close friends and family members can make a huge difference. I request you to work with me and push this campaign over the edge. 

    Here's Mangcha's elder brother thanking you all.

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
    Help spread the word!

About the Fundraiser

Where it all began.

Last November, Mangcha a 30 year old waiter was returning to his workplace, LoveShack in Domlur, Bengaluru when a speeding SUV hit him and crushed his leg at an unmanned U turn in Domlur area. His brother an alumnus of St. Joseph's college of Arts and science happened to be my junior and reached out to me as a last resort when all his funds to pay for the surgery had exhausted. At that point Roland (Mangcha's younger brother) had just sold his Pulsar 220 at a throwaway price of Rs 65,000 to pay for the bills.

When I started a campaign on Ketto last December, 277 people online and many more offline supported Mangcha's cause. This is a link to the previous campaign when we had raised Rs 6,05,501.

Mangcha finally gets to thank you all:
During the last campaign Mangcha was absolutely in no shape to thank anybody or talk, but this time a friend of mine visited him in Bangalore and here's what Mangcha had to say about the ill fated day when he was crushed by the car and then the unconditional support from all the backers.

His gratitude should not go waste, let's help him walk!

Why another campaign to raise money?
As was the case, the last time around nothing has changed. Mangcha was the sole earning member of the family with old parents to support and a younger brother to educate. The fact that he has been unable to work and the badly damaged leg has been under the knife a few times has only added to his expenses.

His condition seems to be improving but they need a little more time to stay in Bangalore and heal his leg, as travelling back to his hometown in the tiny village of Churchandpur, Manipur would be risky and unwise to do.

What will the money be used for?
As I had mentioned in the last campaign the surgery cost of Rs 4,75,000 has now been exhausted along with the additional Rs 1 lakh we had raised that went into sustaining the family over these last six months. There is another surgery that needs to be done which according to the doctor will cost Rs 60,000, the rest of the amount will go towards his medication and food.

How do things look presently?
Bi monthly visits to the hospital where the doctors are trying their best revive the leg.

About his family:

Mangcha's mother had come to visit him but now has gone back to Manipur and is ill. This image was sent my Mangcha's elder
 brother who also sustains by farming their daily food.

They have seen hardships in life. living in poverty in Manipur and holding on to the dream of a government job for the youngest son to take them out of this misery. Let's aid them during this distressful time. I request for your support.


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