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He came dressed as Santa and threw acid on her





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    First and foremost, a Huge Thank you for supporting our campaign!

    While our work never stops, we need constant support from people like you, be it through donating, volunteering or even good wishes. Your support for our campaign has gotten us well on our way to achieving our goal.
    The center will be set up in Delhi and will be the first of its kind. All acid attack survivors are welcome, currently 15-20 survivors where they will get medical support and necessary skills for employment opportunities basically a platform to rebuild their life.
    Now once again we need your support in creating a Rehabilitation center which will provide a safe haven and an efficient support system for acid attack survivors. Just a few days are remaining in reaching our goal; kindly support us by clicking on this link:
    Any donation, in any currency, small or big will help create a safe haven for the acid attack survivors. We need your help! :) `` `

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About the Fundraiser

A Christmas Eve midnight mass turned into a horror story for 29-year old MR Rincy from Pariyaram, Kannur district in Kerala. As she was walking towards her church to celebrate Christmas 2015, she was attacked with acid by a man dressed as Santa Claus. Rincy's attacker - later identified as James Antony - threw acid on Rincy's face and chest and some of the acid also fell on her seven-year old son (who is also mentally retarded) who was walking with her to the church. James Antony has been arrested by the police and has reportedly confessed to his crime. He had blackmailed Rincy’s family earlier, which is what made the family report him to the police. 

Rincy is a divorcee and mother of two children - seven-year old Abhishek, who was also injured in the acid attack and 14-year old Manisha. Her alleged attacker James Antony, who is much older than her and is married and has children of his own, wanted to marry Rincy, but she had started avoiding him. This made him angry and he allegedly threw acid on her.

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She may lose vision in one eye…

Following the attack, Rincy was first rushed to the government hospital in Pariyaram and then shifted to a private hospital in Mangalore of neighbouring Karnataka state, where she was operated for her burn injuries. Later, she was shifted to Aravind Eye Hospital in Coimbatore, Tami Nadu for further surgeries on her right eye, which has been seriously injured in the acid attack. She is presently recuperating from her surgeries at Aravind Eye Hospital. Her son Abhishek, who has burn injuries on his back and left hand, is being treated at a local hospital near their hometown and his burns are slowly healing. Rincy’s father has been by her side at the hospital in Coimbatore.

Doctors at Aravind Eye Hospital have said that Rincy may not be able to see clearly from her right eye. Although the burn injuries on Rincy's face and chest have healed, she will need reconstructive surgeries to cover the scars caused by the acid having burnt through her skin.

No compensation from government yet, family has borrowed money…

Rincy's father - who works as a small-time construction contractor - does not have the financial strength to pay for Rincy's treatment and has already spent around half a lakh rupees for her treatment at different hospitals, with help from friends and relatives. Rincy is yet to receive any compensation from the government, although her father has submitted the necessary documents. We are following up with the government to get the compensation released at the earliest.

Meanwhile, we are now raising funds to help Rincy’s father pay for her treatment at Aravind Eye Hospital and for regular medications for her and for her son Abhishek.

We need your support to raise at least INR 150,000 to help Rincy and her family pay for surgeries that Rincy has undergone at Aravind Eye Hospital to help them tide over their present difficult circumstances.


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