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"Help Sarang recover from a severe road accident"

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Sarang Dhone, a student who met with an severe road accident need urgent financial support to pay for his ICU treatment.





Tanmay Takawale
  • Sarang's campaign will be ending soon, let us give our last try to share this with maximum people to reach its final goal.

    by Tanmay Takawale on November, 20 2017



    Hello Everyone, 

        Sarang's campaign is now coming to an end. It has achieved 90% (A big thank you to all of you) of its goals and only 10 % short of its final goal now. It would be a really a great gesture  if we could give our last try and share this story with more no of new people. It would minimize the financial troubles Sarang's family is facing today. Let us share this with more and more people through whats App, Facebook, twitter or any other channel you wish to chose and end this campaign on a successful note. Thank you very much once again for being there with me on this story and giving a helping hand to a needy. God bless and Take care!

    Thanks & Regards,

    Tanmay Takawale

    MO -  +91 9881008163

    email -

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  • It saddens me to announce that after struggling with his health for 27 long days, Sarang took his last breath last night :(

    by Tanmay Takawale on October, 18 2017




         I feel deeply sorry to be the bearer of this sad news, but Sarang who was fighting the battle for his life for last 27 days passed away last night due to his constantly deteriorating health and multiple complications he was suffering from after the accident. The main reasons behind his death were the respiratory issues and lungs complications he had been suffering from last 25 days. He also started facing abdominal problems from last 3-4 days due to an excessive cough and digestion issues. He had quit consuming any external food and was mainly dependent on supplies through saline.

        This sad demise of him has now left his parents heartbroken and in great pain. The amount of loss his family have incurred due to his death at such a young age is immeasurable and beyond our imagination.  May God give them all the strength they need to survive through this difficult time of their lives.

    Let us extend our heartfelt condolences to his family in whatever way or form we can and hope they recover from this saddest incident of their lives soon. 

    I thank each and every one of you who supported Sarang through this campaign and with their prayers for his recovery but it seems God had some different plans for him.  May, his soul rest in peace! 

    Thank you!

    P.S. - Let us not call this campaign off this sooner as the hospital bills have grown up in sizes and numbers because of Sarang's extended ICU stay and medications and even the initial fund's requirement is not 100% fulfilled. Please share this news with the people who you think are concerned about Sarang's family and wish to extend their financial support to his family in whatever way or form they wish to. His family is in need of emotional support now but if anyone wishes to support his family financially, can do so.

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
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About the Fundraiser

Sarang needs your support and blessings to recover from a severe road accident.  A small effort from you could ease the immense pressure his family is going through. 

They are supposed to raise an amount of rupees 3 lakhs for his crucial medical treatments immediately. 

Sarang Dhone is a college-going student studying in the last year of his engineering course from Pune. He belongs to a farmer's family from a village in Parbhani district of Marathwada region, Maharashtra.  He had met with a severe road accident on 21st September 2017 and lost consciousness after that until he received a treatment in a Neuro hospital. The accident was a severe one, he fell on his head injuring his skull badly in spite of wearing a helmet (Front side of the helmet banged on his head and nose because of the lose belt, The helmet he was wearing saved his life, in fact. Impact would have been worse otherwise). This accident caused him to suffer internal brain injuries due to air flow towards the brain from a fractured frontal bone which left his brain in a swollen state with internal blood clotting. He was admitted immediately to the nearby hospital which provided him with emergency treatment and stated that they cannot provide further treatment to him as this was a case related to the brain. They suggested to shift him immediately to a neuro hospital which treats such complicated cases related to the brain. He was then brought to the Max Neuro hospital in Kasarwadi region of Pune. He is now undergoing the treatment in a neuro ICU which would stop the internal bleeding and would clear the air from his skull to stop the further damage to his brain.  The doctor has suggested that they might need to conduct surgical procedures if his condition is not improved within 5 days. 

Sarang Dhone who is studying now in the last year of engineering from DY Patil Institute of Pune belongs to a farmer's family from a rural part of Maharashtra. His family runs on the income they receive from farming. The hospital has provided the initial estimates of approximately 3 lakhs (you could find the cost breakups in the attached image below along with his CT scan reports) for the Neuro ICU treatment excluding medications or any other expenses. His father who is a farmer cannot pay this much amount even if he put his entire savings for clearing the medical bills. His family who is uneducated wants to see his son graduated as an engineer and have struggled to pay for the tuition fees of his college and his living expenses in Pune. This sudden accident has now shaken them from within and shattered their dreams to see their son becoming an engineer.

It's our sincere request to you to help this poor family by contributing generously whatever you can. The amount need not be big and can be as small as possible.  I request you to come forward and donate a small amount as your blessing to this family and share this story further with your family and friends.

"Every little thing helps". A little effort from you could bring Sarang and his family out this sudden crisis.

Thank you very much.


For more details.

Contact -

Sopan Dhone - +91 7875080287

Tanmay Takawale - +91 9881008163



Sarang's CT scan reports and cost estimate breakups below. (In case you are not able to view it on mobile, please try viewing it on PC / laptop)



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