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I am Alokparna Sengupta, an animal welfare advocate working in Hyderabad for Humane Society International/India (HSI/India). I campaign against animal cruelty for a living. When I am not working, I am busy being a mother to my gorgeous canine, Inky and feline, Awwwly. I am here to seek help from the compassionate people of India to help raise funds for HSI/India People for Animal (PFA) Uttarakhand for the care and rehabilitation of the recently abused horse in Uttarakhand, Shaktimaan. Shaktimaan was attacked during a protest held near the Uttarakhand State Assembly in Dehradun on 14th March during a protest rally as a result of which he collapsed and was greviously injured with multiple fractures on his leg.



On 14th March, 2016, a political rally was conducted near the state assembly building in Uttarakhand. A police force, including mounted police, was deployed at the site of protest. The BJP’s Mussoorie MLA Ganesh Joshi, reportedly participating in the protest against the state government, was said to turn violent and in attempts to dismount the police officer, charged at the police horse, Shaktimaan, with a lathi and reportedly beat her which caused her to tumble and break her leg. Shaktimaan is reported to have undergone a 5 hour surgery the next day to treat multiple fractures on its leg. The state police department is currently providing care to him along with supervision and guidance of senior vets from the Animal Husbandry Department and Pantnagar Veterinary College.

People for Animals, Uttarakhand (PFA, Uttarakhand) run the only equine shelter in Uttarakhand and has offered to keep Shaktimaan and care for him for the remainder of his natural life.  While the decision on Shaktiman's retirement hasnt been taken yet, we need to help PFA Uttarakhand raise this money so Shaktiman's treatment can go on without any financial difficulty, which is rising as the days go by. 


I am raising funds for HSI/India who is helping PFA Uttarakhand provide a retirement home for Shaktimaan and any other such equine in their equine shelter who is a victim of abuse and cruelty. Please donate as much as you can to help Shaktimaan now! She has served the police force for the past 7 years and now is permanently disabled due to this horrific incident. Let’s make sure she heals completely and has a peaceful rest of her life in a place where she will be pampered and will be allowed to socialize with other members of his species.


Humane Society International/India (HSI/India,a non profit company under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956; CIN:U93030MH2012NPL237151) is the Indian chapter of one of the world's largest animal protection organization, Humane Society International (HSI). HSI is one of the only international animal protection organizations in the world working to protect all animals—including animals in laboratories, farm animals, companion animals, and wildlife.

All funds raised will go to HSI/India and will be exempt from taxation vide 80G tax exemption certificate.


People for Animals (PFA) Uttarakhand is a unit of India’s largest animal rights organization People for Animals, started by Maneka Gandhi in 1992. It was registered in 2010 as a charitable trust with trustees including Mr Ruskin Bond (Chairperson), Mr Victor Bannerjee, Dr Peter McLaughlin, and Ms Gauri Maulekhi amongst other.

Till 2010, People for Animals in Uttarakhand was focusing on an animal shelter in Dehradun and animal rescue.[3] With Gauri Maulekhi at the fore front, PFA Uttarakhand has now become an effective pressure group in bringing about environment and animal-friendly legislation.


Please come forward and donate as much as you can and don't forget to share it within your network!

On behalf of Shaktimaan & every abused equine in PFA Uttarakhand,

Yours sincerely


  • Shaktiman thanks you!

    by Alokparna Sengupta on April, 16 2016



    It has been exactly one month and one day since Shaktiman was beaten and injured in a political rallyin Dehradun. A lot has happened since then - veterinary doctors have been deployed for her care 24X7, special teams and donors have flown in to be with her and provide her the best medical help she needs and the most promising bit of it is that she has started walking again. However, one of the key things that have stood out since Shaktiman's tragedy is that the citizens of this country such as you have stood up against animal cruelty and abuse and how! The public outrage against the cruelty that was meted out to Shaktiman, has not only set a precedent but has laid a path forward for animal welfare in the country. Yours support, encouragement and anger against animal cruelty has help HSI/India and PFA launch a campaign to increase the penalties against animal cruelty. We must not let Shaktiman’s sacrifice go in vain. While he is walking today and is showing signs of progress, the truth is that she has been crippled for life and will never be able to get back to her work or the grandeur that she was.

    Image title

    As the campaign to raise funds for her ends, I want to ask each and every one of you to not forget Shaktiman or what happened to her. While she has received the best treatment possible, there are  millions of other Shaktimans who are beaten, abused and killed at the hands of animal abusers and just like the abusers of Shaktiman, they are able to get away with a paltry fine of Rs 50. We need our voices to be strong and to be heard to not let another Shaktiman happen. Penalties against animal cruelty must be increased to deter animal abusers. Don’t let your anger die down – what happens to animals every single day is horrific and they need all of us and especially you to speak up for them. Join HSI/India and PFA in asking the government for stricter laws against animal cruelty and especially higher penalties.

    With that, I sign off on the last day of the campaign, thanking each and every one of you for your generous donations. Nothing could have been achieved without your help! We have 1 day and 20,000 rupees left to raise so please share it with your colleagues, friends and family and get them to donate as much as possible – for Shaktiman and every abused animal he represents.

    Thank you for all that you have done for Shaktiman.

    Forever grateful,


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  • Shaktiman will start walking within 45 days: Doctors

    by Alokparna Sengupta on April, 14 2016



    On Wednesday, the veterinary officers deployed at Dehradun for Shaktiman stated that if she continues to give a positive response, she would be able to walk properly within 45 days. Yesterday, Shaktiman wasable to walk 20 metres and for the first time put weight on the artificial limb. I have updated the campaign with a brand new video of Shaktiman's caretakers giving her a bath. Check it out here.

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    While SHaktiman is making progress, her right leg has also been diagnosed with laminitis for putting excessive pressure there. She has bed sores too but the vets are hopeful that she will make a full recovery soon. She needs your prayers and support to make one. Please share her story with everyone you know and encourage them to share this campaign too. 2 days, left and 23,000 still left to raise! Shaktiman needs all of us to stand up for her!

    Will you?

    Yours sincerely


    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
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