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Stand by me n help my brothr who was on ventilator

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My brother is on ventilator from 18days because of jaundice, liver failure and rare chest infection virus





Apoorv Kamboj

About the Fundraiser

I am Abhas kamboj nd I am from Shamli, Uttarpradesh. My brother Apoorv Kamboj who is just 22 years old is on ventilator from 18 days. We are running out of sources now, thats why I am sharing my story here.

My brother Apoorv got high fever, tests cleared that it's jaundice in its initial stage, but within 3 days the intensity of the jaundice viruses increased in an alarming manner leading to ALF ( Acute Liver Failure) because of which he was kept on ventilator. He is still on the ventilator and it's 18th day. He is in ICU of ILBS ( Institute of Liver and Biliary Science) Vasant Kunj.
He is now also having chest infection which happens because of a rare bacteria leading to breathing problem.
It's getting difficult for us now to arrange funds for his treatment, we have already used all our savings and now we need financial help so that we can continue Apoorv's treatment.
.So i am requesting u to come forward and help that soul.We don't want that something will happened due to money.We are not asking u to donate too much amount, but whatever amount u can contribute in this welfare u can. Use net banking or paytm or u can provide cheques. God will bless u for helping somebody who is in need. Because god never leaves the opportunity to bless his child for doing any good.
Please help as much as you can do that I can help  my brother
Please help.....
Please reach on the number given below 9654576980
My paytm no - 8077803055
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    by Apoorv Kamboj on September, 07 2017



    Please keep praying for my brother as prayers have started working, doctors are calling it a miracle..

    The ventilator machine is off now and also the ventilator pipe which was attached through Apoorv's neck has also been removed...

    But still jaundice is there which is creating many problems for Apoorv 

    Today doctors have taken blood test for some advance test....The test report can clear the reason of the persistent jaundice....If jaundice will not decrease then doctors will do the biopsy of the liver...

    Also Apoorv is now out of danger...

    God is great, he has taken Apoorv out of the critical situation but still he has miles to go for coming back to home....

    Please keep praying for my brother and please keep contributing because the contribution of even a penny matters.....Kindly keep doing the same....

    Thanx to all those who have contributed so far and for all the prayers... May God bless u all

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    by Apoorv Kamboj on August, 31 2017



    Yesterday he went through Endoscopy and Ultra Sound which showed that Apoorv is having ulcers and internal bleeding...doctors are giving heavy dose of injections which worths for 10k each...... As his jaundice has increased again doctors are injecting blood and platelets from past 3 days to increase his haemoglobin ....

    He is still in ICU...

    Kindly contribute and spread as much as possible...

    Please pray for Apoorv's speedy recovery....

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
    Help spread the word!

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