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Please help me for Bone Marrow Transplant

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Please support me to fight blood cancer and have my Bone Marrow Transplant done on time.





Shubham Jaiswal
  • update regarding my bone marrow transplant...

    by Shubham Jaiswal on May, 12 2017



    I am fine these days. Little pain in stomach and leg, may be due to low blood counts.

    Today RQ-PCR test done. Report will come after 15 days and is main deciding factor for transplant. 

    I really need your blessings. Please, Keep funding for my treatment.

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  • update on my transplant..

    by Shubham Jaiswal on May, 09 2017



    Completed my 2nd chemotherapy with effects. Piles still not cured and I am having lot of pain due to it. Once blood count go up,doctors will plan for surgery if possible. Getting discharge today from hospital and have to follow up in opd. We still lack the target. Please help me to finish the target in 6 days so that we can get exact date of transplant as early as possible.

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    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
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About the Fundraiser



I am Shubham Jaiswal doing my engineering from GURU GHASIDAS CENTRAL UNIVERSITY, Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. I am suffering from Blood cancer. I undergone chemotherapy but it doesn't suited me and had a lot of side effects like fever,pain,paralysis.I somehow came out of it even after doctors gave up. Now doctor's have advised for last option that is Bone Marrow Transplant. Currently i am on oral chemo which may stop its work any time. My match with sister is 50% which has less success rate, so doctor's have said for transplant from unrelated donor which will cost approximately 40 lakhs in CMC Vellore.


I belong to middle class family and my father has spended all his savings for my treatment and he also sold all our lands. My father is only earning member in family. My mother expired when i was in 1st class. After this incident my father took my responsibility and loves me a lot.He himself is having kidney problem with 20% damage of kindney and my younger brother is suffering from Thalassemia.For my parents tremendous effort, i don't want to see them upset due to one last step of transplant. Friends i need financial support and of course your blessings to come out of this deadly disease.


You can contribute by any net banking or money transfer app. Your contributions will help to support my transplant and can make large effort for me.

Please keep my hope alive.


You can help me by sharing the below link in whatever social site you use. It may be Facebook, whatsapp, LinkedIn, Twitter, personally mail to any NGO or helping people, etc.

Please share as much as you can.


The total amount collected will be directly transferred to CMC,Vellore account for my treatment in my card with HOSPITAL No. 712831G.


 For any details, Call me

Shubham :- 08982998755


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