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I Wear I Care

Creative Social Entrepreneurship

I Wear I Care is a feel good brand where you can shop for yourself and donate the same to those in need.





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About the Fundraiser

What is IWIC?

How often you doubt about the way your donation is being used? When was the last time a donation was put to use the way you liked? Why are there no 100% transparent Indian fashion brands that stand for a good cause?

To summarise, I WEAR I CARE site is a socio-retail website that offers a selection of basic clothing. Here, you will find only those things that fit in the category of fundamental wear. However, I WEAR I CARE is extraordinary when it comes to how we handle your transactions. We practice take one, give one ideology wherein if you buy a new outfit for yourself, you also can gift the same to someone in need with your purchase.

When you buy from I WEAR I CARE, not only are you gifting new clothing to the unfortunate ones, but you are also supporting the larger individual obligation to have equal dignity for every human.


What’s the IWIC philosophy?

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” What will bring a bigger smile on your face – a used thing or a brand new thing? “I WEAR I CARE” is a modest Indian trademark that thoroughly believes in the adage; Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.

The brand “I WEAR I CARE” believes that if you spend something for a good cause the result of that something should be physical, visible and substantial.



Every morning you read the headlines it feels as if the world is coming to an end --- The Syrian crisis, global warming, natural calamities and worse. We wish we could make a difference but couldn’t figure out how. So allow IWIC to do it for you, the way you will like to.

When adversity hits, people are robbed of the basic essentials of living (Food, Shelter and Clothing) and here is where IWIC comes in. The website will allow you to gift these essentials to those who have been affected.


How did IWIC start?

During my job as a Creative Head at a digital production house, I (Mateen Panna) was shocked to see the damage the Nepal 2015 earthquake had caused. I felt this undying urge to do something for those who have been affected. I researched about what companies, NGOs and individuals were doing to help the victims to make a contribution and I was stunned to find out that once I make a donation I couldn’t trace what use it had been put to. And then the brainwave of starting a socio-fashion brand hit me. I started putting my experience to a better use and came up with I Wear I Care – the feel good brand.


The IWIC Journey:

Though the brand work started in April 2015, the brand couldn’t see the light of the day due to the paucity of funds. The brand began with personal savings that were utilised to manufacture relief clothing for the victims of the 2015 Nepal earthquake. Post the donation drive, the saving ran dry and brand launch was officially stalled. Currently almost two years later, the team believes that instead of saving up again and creating IWIC we should let people decide the fate of the brand.


How your donations will help IWIC?

IWIC is the first of its kind socio-fashion label. With the funds we raise here on this crowd-funding platform, we will first make clothing that suit everyone’s needs and which are suitable for charity. Secondly, we will design and launch a robust website to conduct the trade safely and then do some promotions to get the word out.


The IWIC Team:

Mateen Panna- Founder & CEO: He is the brain behind the idea of I Wear I Care. Having spent 11 years in the advertising & broadcast industry, he comes with rich experience, insights and drive needed to propel the brand to its next step.

Amit Pandya- Creative & Production Head: Amit is the man who speaks with his tools. He comes 10 years of experience in designing and creative expressions. He makes IWIC come alive.

Zeb Chaudhary- Business Advisor- He is a people’s champion and people love him. He has been in the entertainment industry for more than 15 years and he brings the energy and positivity at IWIC. He overlooks the brand in a human-business perspective.


How IWIC works:

It's simple, see the infographic.


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