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Nutritious food for the poor

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Affordable nutritious food for the poor





Apeksha Porwal

About the Fundraiser

“You are what you eat”

This is a line that we have often heard and abide by. Because we can afford to. But there are many who cannot. And this is the problem that Janta Meals strives to address.

What is Janta Meals?

Janta Meals is a chain of restaurants in slum areas and informal areas where we sell hygienically prepared nutritious food at affordable rates. 

Who are we?

I, Apeksha Porwal and Jesse van de Zand are the co-founders of Janta Meals. Janta Meals was started in July 2013 by Dutchman Jesse and lead investor Prabhat Agarwal. Today, we have a small but dedicated team along with 23 outlets in Gurgaon serving meals to 4500 people everyday.

The Problem

A typical urban migrant labourer lives in shanties and slums with 4-5 people sharing a room. He has long strenuous working hours and comes back to a room with no electricity, lack of clean water supply, no gas connection, etc. He then either manages to cook somehow using primitive means like twigs for fuel or depends on street food. Street food like samosas, kachori, chhole bhatoore is extremely unhealthy to eat on a daily basis. Other options are more expensive. This lack of healthy food makes them fall sick more often leading to lesser productivity, lower income and the vicious cycle continues.

Every person should have access to good healthy food, and Janta Meals tries to do that.

How Janta Meals works

Janta Meals works with franchises from the community where the outlet is based. These franchisees are our micro-entrepreneurs who are smart and hard-working but lack the initial funds for their outlet. We help get the outlets funded. They then buy the food from us and sell it further to the end consumer with a full thali starting at Rs. 20. Our customers are usually cycle rickshaw drivers, mechanics, sweepers, vegetable sellers, etc.

We are currently based in Gurgaon, quickly going pan-NCR with a vision to go pan-India.

How you can help

Each outlet takes about Rs. 95,000 for completely setting it up with plumbing, electricity, painting, equipment, branding, etc. We currently have 23 outlets funded in Gurgaon. Through this campaign, we are looking at setting up one more.

We make sure that the micro-entrepreneur pays back the money over 5 years. This money is then put into another franchisee. We make sure we reach our target customer. Those who fund entire outlets, are also provided with a report on the progress.

The impact

The impact is three-fold:

*You help promote sustainable development and promote entrepreneurship. You help set up the livelihood for the franchisee.

*Every franchisee potentially sells around 200 meals per day, i.e. 72000 meals per year. With every meal sold, there is an impact.

*Our food comes from Akshaya Patra, an NGO providing mid-day meals to 14 lakh underprivileged children around India. A part of every meal we sell goes to Akshaya Patra where the surplus is plugged in to support the mid-day meals.

Help us take Janta Meals pan-India so that everyone can have access to healthy and affordable food.

Thank You!

For any queries, feel free to reach out to us at

Janta Meals is one of the 14 distinguished Finalists at the 7th edition of Sankalp Awards. They have been shortlisted by India's first impact angel network, I3N (Intellecap Impact Investment Network) from 400+ enterprises across six high impact sectors and compete for the prestigious 'Sankalp Awards 2015'. Join them at the Global Sankalp Summit 2015 on April 9-10, at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. Click here for more. 


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