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Co-creating Innovation 1.0- Disrupt Urban Housing

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Let's change the way we live in urban spaces. Support us in making prototype self-building, adaptable and modular homes





Cuckoo Hostels

About the Fundraiser

You often hear people complaining about the millions of urban problems that plague our cramped and chaotic cities. What you don't often hear about are the solutions to these problems. Here's your chance to be be a part of the solution to one of the biggest problems. A problem that has grown exponentially, just like our towns and cities. Urban housing.

We have a simple yet possibly effective solution- A Pop-up House.

Adaptable, Modular, Cost-effctive, Recyclable and Drop Dead gorgeous homes.



On one hand, we find that there's always a clamour for living and work spaces in urban environments and on the other hand there's so much of unutilized and underutilized space all around our towns and cities.

Now you must be thinking to yourself, I live in a city and there's zero space around me. All we have to say is look harder! Terraces, Backyards, Garages, your neighbour auntiji's third piece of land in the suburbs... see all the space around you now?



We're building tiny "Pop-Up Houses" from Recycled Industrial materials.

WHOA! Sounds great, tell me more!

Alright, here's how it works.

The frame of the "Pop-Up House" is built from recycled slotted angles, the panels are built from recycled materials - packaging wood, transparent sheets or maybe even canvas. As long as it’s practical and functional, why not?

These are like lego block houses limited only by your creativity and curiosity. One could get creative with walls and design. Wood, bamboo, transparent polycarbonate sheets and canvas are just a few ideas.

Sound simple? Perfect! Now what this means is an entire living/ work space can be disassembled, packed up and thrown into the boot of your car in less than 4 hours, driven across the planet and assembled in any place you wish in 6 hours or a lot less with some help from your buddies.



If we were to answer your question in one word - Potential. The potential for Popup houses is massive. They have the ability to transform any underutilized area into a living/work space at 1/4th the cost of a conventional housing structure. Apart from the obvious advantages, these structures are only limited by your imagination and give the user the flexibility to customize it depending on its use. A musician would build his/her house with wood chip boards as it absorbs sound. A gardener would use polycarbonate or glass roofing panels to build an amazing greenhouse. A beach shack Popup house would use Cement Fibre Board panels to combat corrosion while looking uber cool.



If one Popup house sounds cool, what about a dozen? That's right, a community of Popup houses. An underbridge housing colony for the homeless? A Coders village atop a warehouse? An artists community on a paddy farm? The opportunities are endless.



We are a community of innovators, designers, artists, engineers & educators brought together under one roof by the Cuckoo Hostel. A unique community living and learning space driven by experiments in

A. Well being

B. Creative Expression

C. Design

D. Sustainability

E. Global Citizenship


We are India’s first traveler’s hostel that doubles up a learning space, a school without teachers of sorts.











Rajat Kukreja


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