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Pushpesh is a happy-go-lucky & talented artist, fighting against blood cancer. Help him fight the battle !


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Meet Pushpesh – Radio Jockey/Aspiring Actor/Voice over Artist



He had stars beaming in eyes, all positive for tomorrow, aspiring to be a name in the creative world, Pushpesh, followed his dream to become an actor and took on challenges he faced head-on while keeping a rejuvenating smile on his face, helping and supporting his family and friends along the way. Needless to say, he has faced many roadblocks and tragedies in his life with the amazing support from his wife, Darshna. Anyone who knows them can attest to the fact that they are made for each other and are the biggest support to each other. He has worked as a Radio Jockey (RJ) in Rainbow FM , Fever FM, and acted in various plays portraying difficult characters and bringing them to life.


How it all started

Pushpesh and his family were lately recovering from the loss of his father in a road accident, but fate had a greater challenge waiting for them ahead, he got diagnosed with acute leukemia one and half months ago and was advised by the doctors to be hospitalized as soon as possible. It came as a shock for all of us as he had always been extremely disciplined in his approach towards his lifestyle with proper diet & exercise regime in place.


Nothing came easy in life for Pushpesh but he always had a smile on his face while making everyone around him happy, no matter what. He worked hard with the able support of his wife and family to achieve what he has achieved today. But, like any of us, he also couldn’t have anticipated such a turn in his life when everything was just about to become better for both Pushpesh and Darshna. Life has again thrown a challenge in front of them and they are fighting it with all their might and will keep doing it until he comes back home with the same smile which he had when he went to the hospital.


In the initial stages of chemotherapy his recovery was very promising & his body was responding positively. Cancer cells in his blood were down to zero by third chemo session, but then came his bone marrow biopsy report which suggested that the cancer was still widespread in his bone marrow & bone marrow transplantation is the only option, for which the cost estimation is Rs.25 Lacs.


And it Escalated..

So he braced himself & got ready for high dose chemotherapy required before his bone marrow transplant. He underwent 5 high dose chemotherapy, a total of 8 doses till now, which completely depleted his immunity, making him highly prone to any kind of infections. Till now we were not aware that worst was yet to come, Pushpesh caught severe bacterial infection with persistent high fever impacting his lungs & kidneys. Doctors tried treating his infection in the his current surrounding only, but his situation kept on deteriorating, with injury to lung making it more difficult for him to breathe, he was then shifted to Advanced Critical Care Unit (ICCU) to be under continuous monitoring. Now, along with lung & kidneys, his gall bladder, liver & heart are also impacted, delaying his recovery and further treatment.


How can you help?

Whom we had imagined to be performing on silver screen is lying muted, ribboned in gloomy green robe, each second fighting like a warrior to live for another second. Help us bring few more strokes of cheerfulness in lives of those who know Pushpesh. While Pushpesh is fighting this brave battle with such low immunity, we request you to help us in supporting him financially. His family has already spent 18 Lacs on his treatment which includes their savings and insurance & with the pace of his recovery he will have to spend more time in ICU which will cost him 15 Lacs more. Adding to that Doctors have given an estimate for bone marrow at 25 Lacs, the total costs mounts up to around 60 Lacs. They are falling short by 50 lacs.


We would urge anyone and everyone to extend their helping hand in betterment of a person who will continuously make this world a better place. Any contribution you make, big or small, will put us in your debt forever.


You can view his reports from the below link :

Medical Documents

  • Incremental Help required

    by Purvi on October, 07 2017



    The support so far financially and morally for Pushpesh has been tremendous and we can't thank you enough for that.

    We would like to bring to your attention that Pushpesh is currently in isolation where his immunity is gradually improving after being in ICU for 16 days.

    The cost of ICU per day was 1 lac, which unexpectedly made us set back heavily on financial terms , The present isolation treatment has further increased the expenditure by 5 lacs. Once Pushpesh recovers to normality which we are very positive of due to enormous love and support he is getting everyday , And after recovery he would undergo bone marrow transplant , the cost of which is 30 lacs.

    Till now the family has spent about 34 lacs on various treatments including chemo and blood transfusions , also there are everyday expenditures like hospital dues and medicines. (Bills are attached for the reference ) .

    The present situation demands additional support from everyone.

    We are thus bound to increase the target amount to 50 lacs, which we hope is achievable as you all are walking beside him on every step he takes in winning the battle.

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  • Update 3

    by Purvi on October, 05 2017



    Dear All , 

    We thank you for the contnious support and blessings. We would like to inform you that currently pushpesh is going through a recovery phase , as you are all aware that pushpesh was in ICU for a long time and his strength has depleted and also multiple cracks in his foot due to chemo is making him difficult to walk yet our brave Pushpesh is progressing step by step , the hole in the gut has been recovered , yet there are spikes of fever now and then which we are hoping will come down soon with all your prayers.

    We would also like to inform that his infection phase has worn down and further he will be improving upon his immunity gradually. 

    We would keep you all updated about his bone marrow transplant phase, we again humbly thank you for all the love you have bestowed upon Pushpesh.

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
    Help spread the word!

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