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Hey guys, I Radhika have pledged to raise funds for this noble cause. Please donate generously and help me through this journey.

About the Project

Ritu Rae Chandra presents the “Queen of Rock”, a theatrical performance inspired by the legendary British band ‘Queen’.She supports the work and cause of Azad Foundation and CAPED,to attract more consideration towards the self-reliance of women,especially amongst the economically deprived. She gives this issue a 3-D effect,involving the mix of singing, acting and dancing in an enthralling way.With the ‘Queen of Rock’ the aim is to raise awareness and support for a vital cause in an artistic way.When artists and social innovators collaborate for a great cause, amazing things happen.

Queen of Rock

"Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?"


The musical is about how the real world has transformed into a virtual world, where everyone is the same- they think the same, act the same and dress the same. A simple story about a group of Bohemians who struggle to restore the free exchange of thought, fashion and live music in the era of uniformity!It is a repetitive world that we can relate to, because aren’t we all set in a similar environment, which is similarly monotonous in its societal norms,and really hard to break away from?


Who are we?

Ritu Rae Chandra, the scriptwriter, producer as well as the director of this show, brings with her 20 years of theater experience. Throughout her career she has been sharing her talent to make our society better. Now, once again, she is producing and directing the “Queen of Rock” to support and raise funds for Azad Foundation and CAPED.

Azad Foundation and its partner Sakha Consulting Wings Pvt. Ltd.have been enabling marginalized women to become fearless professional drivers through the “Women on Wheels’ programme since 2008. Azad provides transformational capacity building to underprivileged women, with more than 1600 women enabled to become professional drivers to date. Azad's partner, Sakha, helps provide employment to these women in Delhi and other cities,while providing safe and reliable transportation services to other women. Azad Foundation will use the resources raised to reach out and train more women to earn a non-traditional livelihood with dignity.

More info atwww.azadfoundation.com


Cervical Cancer, being the only 100% preventable cancer among women is also the largest killer within women’s cancers in the country. CAPED aims to identify and create different arenas to spread awareness and knowledge among women and empower them to take action regarding their own health. The Trust organizes Awareness Workshops, Screening Camps and Events.CAPED will utilize the funds raised to educate the women living in the peripheral towns and cities in India about their health, particularly on cancer prevention.

More info at www.capedindia.org


How can YOU be a part of this?

You are the co-creators of this incredible theatrical experience. You are the people who care.And we cannot make it without your help.To achieve what we have set for, we need financial support. Your contribution will enable the ‘Queen of Rock’ musical to take place and raise the much-required funds to enable women to thrive. Please, pitch in towards the production cost of this remarkable event. Tell your artist friends, your companions and rope in many more to support this cause. Let’s all come together to create a world, where we can rely on and learn from each other.

“You can help the production get off the ground to help the women to help themselves!”


Contribute and spread the word - flood your social media with information about this campaign! Get your friends and family to also support you in your contribution towards this cause.Help us make the ‘Queen of Rock’ come alive for the Delhi audiences and for the women who want to create a better life for themselves.


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