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Need support to help my sister recover from Cancer

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Need financial support for my sister to recover from cancer with the help of bone marrow transplant


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My beloved sister, Barsha has been happily married for 10 years and has 2 beautiful kids with Soumen Chakraborty- one girl aged 7 years and one boy aged 4 years. They led a simple, healthy and happy life with their friends and family.

All of a sudden, during the end of last year, Barsha started feeling unwell and we all thought it’s a common viral fever and sought necessary medical attention. Never had we imagined for a second that what we thought was a minor fever, will turn into a deadly disease. Barsha and her family never expected that their lives will come to a standstill.
She got diagnosed with AML (Acute myeloid leukemia) which is a type of cancer of the blood and bone marrow with excess immature white blood cells.
Barsha’s family is always besides her and doing everything they can to support her treatment in all respects. For over 5 months now, ever since the begining of her treatment, her husband started living in a couch next to her bed in the hospital on a daily basis and had to leave their young kids with his ageing parents and in-laws to take care of them.
Even their kids, understood the suffering and matured beyond their age. They never complained that their parents aren’t at home and are missing the important events like their birthdays, festivals, school events and parents teachers meeting etc. Instead, they carried on with their lives on their own and supported each other.
My sister has an amazing personality and strong will. She is still extremely positive and hoping for the best. All in all, our combined strength was probably what helped Barsha and we were elated when we were told that the third chemotherapy session was going to be the last.
But unfortunately it relapsed and made the disease complicated. Now we are trying to import Mylotarg drug to achieve remission and then undergo Bone Marrow Transplantation (BMT). Her 7 years daughter is the identified donor for the Haplo Bone Marrow transplant. We as family and friends have extended all our support, physically and financially to their family to come out of this challenging phase of their life.
Soumen has already exhausted his savings and insurances and now working out for loans to support her treatment. We are all trying to raise money from family and friends. The overall expenditure for her treatment has already surpassed INR 25 Lakh. For the next level of treatments,another INR 60 Lakhs needs to be planned. This includes Bone Marrow Transplantion which is estimated at INR 35 lakh by Tata Medical Centre, import of medicines like "Venetoclax" costing approx INR 20 Lakhs and post BMT treatment expenses etc.
Any financial help from your side, however small it may be , will be of immense help. Your contribution will help give someone a new life and reunite a mother with her kids.
And most importantly, please do pray for my sister’s quick recovery.
Many thanks for your time to read this post.
Hospital Details for Quick References:
Name of Hospital: Tata Medical Centre, Kolkata, India.
Patient Name: Barsha Chakraborty
Medical Reference [MR]: MR/17/013204.

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  • No words to express my gratitude

    by Bidisha on February, 27 2018



    Hi everyone, 

    I am absolutely at a loss for words now. I had never expected that we will be getting so much of love and support from all of you.

    We were lost and completely dazed, but all your help gave us a renewed strength to cope up with this terrible situation.

    I can only say - Thanks a lot :)

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