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Support this exceptional climb of Mount Everest, creating awareness & fight against malnutrition.





Nihar Soley

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The journey of 'SAGARMATHA Expedition 2017' is a passion for life less ordinary, to accomplish what has been most difficult till today and to promote a CAUSE to live for. Everest - the highest peak in the world is symbolic of highest goals and admires of our life. It is for everyone who believes in challenging their own limits and creating a benchmark for generations to follow...




The journey of SAGARMATHA Expedition 2017 is a three month long arduous climb scheduled in April - May - June 2017. Beginning from Kathmandu and rising to the roof of the world. The vertical journey is to be achieved on sheer human power through relentless moraines, man devouring crevasses in longest and deadliest ice falls and glacier, very less oxygen and climbing above death zone.

We intent to unfurl our national flag at the highest point on earth. 


It is said that HOPE sustains life. On this outstanding quest for the top, our dreams are a part of this HOPE. On this international platform we are about to achieve, we are dedicating our efforts to recreate this HOPE amongst those who are fighting for it. The Hunger! With a highest platform in the world we will be covering maximum media coverage reaching out to the most affected communities & habitations. We are running an 'campaign' for this entire journey to fight & stop malnutrition with tie ups with local social communities creating awareness about benefits of proper nutrition.

Such an athletic event is the most relevant platform to promote its benefits, we believe. Support our initiative LET THERE BE HOPE.




We are committed to donate INR 1/- per feet we climb in this exceptional journey. According to a survey hunger kills more people each year than AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis combined and 6 million children suffer from severe acute malnutrition. Working with a CAUSE to promote, this project is to reach out to a highest platform. We are also committed to donate every excess penny collected to Fight Hunger Foundation to create a new hope. Support us, share the cause and be part of this initiative. Your contribution is important. 


Any task of such magnitude demands an incredible dream, a meticulous plan, perseverant physical & mental condition and most importantly FUNDS. The entire project duration is 3 months journey. Because of the high cost, which includes (among many other items) we are seeking sponsors and supporters to help our expedition to achieve its goals.  The magnitude of this endeavor is eclipsed by the exclusivity of its achievement. We invite you to join hands with us in making this Project – ‘SAGARMATHA - 2017’ a mega success. We sincerely believe that your contribution towards the CAUSE will go long way in promoting the cause. The funds will be utilised on following aspects...
DONATION to Fight Hunger Foundation for INR 1.00 per feet climbed - Climbing permit from the Government of Nepal - Logistical support from expedition organizer - Technical climbing equipment & personal gears - Bottled oxygen above 8,000 meters - Travel, Insurance & Communication equipment - Various promotional and awareness activities : TOTALING a sum of INR 2500000/-   
On this platform, we are expecting to raise only 20% of the TOTAL.

I am an engineer by education and an entrepreneur by profession. Being a native from Maharashtra, India - Sahyadri mountain ranges were like in courtyard, I started trekking at a very early age. Sports came to me naturally and I participated at state level badminton championships dated back to school and college days.
During one of my treks in the Himalayas, I realized my inclination to climbing & mountaineering started to grow because of which I decided to take this extreme sport seriously. In 2010, I successfully completed Basic Mountaineering Course from Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling. In 2012, I completed Advanced Mountaineering Course from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, both with 'A' grade and got many opportunities to explore and scale peaks in different ranges of Himalayas. My strong technical knowledge both in rock climbing and mountaineering makes me an excellent climber. I have led about 15 rock climbing expeditions across the region. I am credited with having led 2 successful expeditions and participated in number of expeditions over 7000mts in recent years including a National Record of being only civilian to have climbed Mt. Kamet (7756) & Mt. Abi Gamin (7355) in one expedition.
Having experienced evens and odds of mountaineering through several climbing expeditions, dealing with sub-zero temperatures & extreme weather conditions, I have developed good survival skills and decision making abilities. I does not just belong to the lands but am also an International license holder Scuba Diver with more than 50 logged dives and a certified paraglider. I am showcasing myself as an all-rounder in extreme sports. 
You can also support this campaign by sharing this campaign page link with your network via social media – Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, email and any other medium you use. I thank all the donors, believers and supporters to follow this inspiring journey making a contribution to enable us follow our dreams and create a better place to live for. 



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