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Do we know our Constitution? A Reality Check

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Support 500 Jagriks (Jagruk Nagrik - Active Citizens) in living the constitution through 1500 social action tasks.





ComMutiny - The Youth Collective
  • Long way to go before we hit 400,000/-

    by ComMutiny - The Youth Collective on October, 30 2017



    Long way to go before we hit 400,000/-Hello people,

    We are extremely grateful to all our 31 supporters for believing in us and manifesting it by making their kind donation. So far, we have raised Rs. 41, 251/-.

    Perhaps, Constitutional Literacy amongst YOUTH is the need of the hour.

    Support #SAMVIDANLIVE #THEJAGRIKPOJECT by making your contribution today, and by creating a shout out through sharing and tagging your friends and family. 

    Help us reaching the target of Rs. 400,000/- in the next 31 days. 

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About the Fundraiser

Samvidhan LIVE! The Jagrik Project 

Indian citizens perform dismally with 36% average score on Constitutional Awareness, reveals Samvidhan survey!

As part of Samvidhan LIVE! The Jagrik Project, Samvidhan Survey was designed to gauge how people understand and live the constitution and captured how we as citizens perform on the expectations set out in the Constitution. This project intensively engaged with 500 young people who we call Jagriks (Jagruk Nagrik - Active Citizens) (across 16 states. Jagriks embarked on a journey of experiencing and understanding the constitution through activities like- taking a beggar for a meal at a restaurant, spending 24 hours on a mere Rs. 32/- etc. A snap poll post the journey revealed that jagriks demonstrated a much higher awareness (70%).

For a vibrant democracy, we need a vibrant citizenry, one that is engaged, responsible and constitutionally aware. Samvidhan LIVE! The Jagrik Project is a unique public initiative to live and experience the fundamental rights and duties enshrined in our Constitution through an interactive game. Considering the success of this project last year, ComMutiny – The Youth Collective is all set to launch it again in collaboration with 25 youth led and youth engaging organisations from 15 states. This initiative will be contributing in building young people’s leadership capacities and creating awareness to understand about the Constitution outside the classroom space as they refl-act (reflect and take action) in the real world.  

Watch the short film to learn about the initiative: An Open letter to the President of India:

500 Jagriks across 15 states of India between 14-30 years will be enthusiastically embarking on a reality check of our Constitution by taking on several “reality projects” like interacting with jail inmates in order to understand what exactly Right to Freedom of movement means or reversing gender roles to experience the ‘other’ and learn about gender justice etc. and many more such tasks designed as a real life simulation to be performed by Jagriks in pairs over 4-5 weeks. We believe the project if adopted by youth across the country can act as a robust reality check and should not be dismissed as just another reality show.

On the occasion of Daan Utsav – Joy of giving, we urge you to support the journey as 500 Jagriks make Samvidhan (Constitution) come aLIVE!

The public initiative will kick off on 26th November 2017, celebrating the Constitution Day and will culminate around Republic Day, 26th January, 2018. We are looking to raise Rs. 4,00,000 to cover some part of the journey and felicitate a cohort of Jagriks who will be travelling from all across the the national capital, to share their first-hand experience of living the Constitution and also the citizen’s report card in presence of national media, parliamentarians, civil society bodies, legislative and judiciary representatives.

The total cost for the journey is Rs. 25,00,000 which includes regional visibility events, common action days, engaging the community, conducting a national survey on citizenry to gauge the awareness about our Constitution and we are falling short to cover the national amplification of the experience.

We believe ownership comes when you act in the real world, when you co-create, when you see the consequences of your actions. Ownership cannot be given in classrooms. It has to be taken in the streets.

So join us as we create an experiential journey for young people walking and taking along all the pillars of our democracy.


About ComMutiny – The Youth Collective

ComMutiny The Youth Collective is a coalition of youth led and youth engaging organizations across India working towards promoting empowering spaces for youth leadership, called the 5th space . Our hypothesis is that there are four legitimate ‘spaces’ that young people primarily occupy, that of 1) family 2) livelihood/education 3) friends, and 4) leisure. While much of their time as young people is spent in these spaces more often than not these spaces are not governed by them. Beyond these four spaces, there is another space called ‘The 5th Space’ that young people also occupy, where they truly discover themselves as they engage in social action. It is a space that young people govern and take leadership in. An exciting, adventurous, safe space that equips young people to understand themselves, address conflicts, build cross-border relationships, clarify their values/stances and stand up for their rights as well as those of the larger community.

The 5th Space experience is central to all the work at CYC. Our strategies include a) Developing powerful public engagement initiatives and journeys b) Producing and disseminating research and media products in the field of youth work c) Building coalitions and collaborations with national and international organisations to strengthen the field.


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