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3 yo Priyanshu has complex heart disease where pure & impure blood get mixed, lungs get damaged due to high pressure.


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Sagar Meshram 3 years son Priyanshu has complex Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) which is complex being more of a Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) and Double Outlet Right Ventricle (DORV) - where his impure and pure blood are getting mixed thereby seriously damaging his lungs.



Sagar Meshram is a poor painter who works on daily wages in Bhopal. On 22nd August 2014 his Son Priyansu Meshram was born and after 4 months he was diagnosed with severe pneumonia. He was then admitted to Miracle Hospital in Bhopal where later we was referred to AIIMS New Delhi as Doctors there were unable to diagnosed further.

Priyanshu is having a big hole in this heart which is why it was difficult for all the doctors.

Doctor at AIIMS had refused to do the treatment by saying that they are too late for his treatment but the doctors at Fortis Hospital New Delhi told Sagar that his Son’s ailment cannot be cured but they can add span of few years by doing three operations. With Govt support he managed to get the surgery done.

Later he went to Narayan Hrdyalaya and several other hospitals also who had refused clearly to do the treatment. Now when Sagar contacted Fortis Hospital for second surgery then they told him that it cannot be done because the pressure at heart was very high and blood is going to lungs very fast which they can’t control.

Sagar is an uneducated labor but because of his son’s health he became internet savvy and started exploring all the option to save his son. One day he found the video of Boston Hospital where he saw the ray of hope. He then contacted them through mails. After several mails he was able to coordinate to them and they asked all his medical reports.

Boston Hospital got agreed that surgery is possible and this ailment can be cured too. They gave cardiovascular global discount estimate of USD 1,00,557/- which is equivalent to around Rs. 66 Lakhs in India currency.

There are many news articles published about Sagar and Priyanshu. Sagar has knocked every possible door to save his child but unfortunately nothing has worked till now.

Request you to please come forward to save Priyanshu.


Echo reports.


Appeal from father for his son on Youtube


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  • We don't have much time so please support & Cyanosis (body part turning blue) is getting severe day by day. Need around 47L more for surgery excluding other exp.

    by Gaurav on November, 08 2017



    Dear Saviors,

    Thank you so much for your kind support and so far with all your kind support we have managed to raise around Rs. 18,42,710/- out of Rs. 65 Lakh required for his surgery. Would need more for his airfare, stay, pre and post surgery expenses and then will increase overall costs at around Rs. 85 Lakh.

    Here we have a reason to get worried since the onset of winter, the danger to his health is increasing by the day as Cyanosis is getting severe which makes him turn blue due to low oxygen content in the blood. As we know that during night anyway he faces challenge to breathe but now winter will make it worse.

    Last week his fingers, lips and toes were turned blue and everyone got scared now he is fine. According to doctor this situation will occur now more often due to weather condition too and we don’t have much time to wait for surgery so we should try with all our resources to arrange the funds asap and send him to Boston for treatment.

    You all have been a great support and here again I would like to request you to please share this campaign to Save Priyanshu with all your friends and relatives who can also come forward to support and save his life.

    Please share the link or on your Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks with #SavePriyanshu.

    Please keep him into your prayers. 



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  • Appeal from a father!! Request you to please help to spread the word.

    by Gaurav on October, 31 2017



    Dear Saviors,


    Thank you so much for your kind support. 

    Will all your kind support we have managed to raise around Rs. 17 Lakh out of Rs. 65 Lakh required for Priyanshu's life saving surgery excluding all other charges.

    I have attached an appeal from the father(Sagar) to all you kind saviors.

    I would like to request you again to please help to spread the word with your contacts as he don't have much time. Please share the campaign #SavePriyanshu 



    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
    Help spread the word!

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