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Education for Children of Prison Inmates

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This campaign is to educate children of Prison inmates who are left to survive alone after their parents are imprisoned.






About the Fundraiser


    Sanjeela & Sakina are two beautiful sisters who are presently a part of India Vision Foundation's Residential Programme under the Children of Vulnerable Families (CVF) Project. Sanjeela is a 12 year old who loves to have conversations with Sania didi who visits her from India Vision Foundation. Sakina, Sanjeela's younger sister, is a 10 year old who loves to do make up and pose for pictures. They both were introduced to the CVF Project in 2012 when their mother was imprisoned. Other than these two girls, IVF also supports their two older sisters and one brother under the foundation's Community Empowerment Programme. In the absence of their mother, their maternal aunt and grandmother take care of them. Both the girls were enrolled in one of the Foundation's partner schools, Grace Mission, which was shut down. Due to lack of financial resources and family support, these children were enrolled to a partner residential school of the project - Asha Deep Foundation (ADF). Sakina got admission in class 4 and Sanjeela was enrolled in class 5.

    Sanjeela and Sakina are very sensitive individuals who miss the presence of their mother very much. Whenever someone from the foundation tries to have a conversation with them regarding her they get very emotional and start crying. They're extremely bright and actively participate in multiple activities. With their chirpy talks and cooperative nature, they are favorites among the batch. Sanjeela aspires to be a teacher looks forward for your support to fulfill her dream! When we asked Sakina (the little one) whether she likes going to school, she said, "Didi I like to go to school but I do not like to study. But, I still study hard because I feel that if I study well and be a good girl, I can help my mother come out of jail. So I decided to study hard”.

    These girls eagerly await your support so that they can stand on their own feet by completing their education and do well for their family. The money raised will fund both of their education in its entirety. Your support can help them change not only their lives but also a family from being a part of vicious circle of crime. 


    Donate here and visit to learn more about the programs to help and support these children! 


  • Meet Sanjeela and Sakina

    by Smera on November, 16 2017



    Hi everyone! We've been receiving your immense support through the donations for the education of these lovely sisters- Sanjeela & Sakina. With your generosity we have been able to raise INR 88,910 to fund their schooling and housing. Sanjeela & Sakina would be very happy to know that you guys have been a part of this amazing movement of raising funds for their education. Here's a small video in which the girls are talking about their food likes and dislikes!

    To help Sanjeela & Sakina to reach the desired target, we are still INR 60,000 away from completing our SUPPORT for these girls today. Kindly do your bit by donating, sharing, and spreading the word among your friends, family & colleagues to help these girls and strengthen India Vision Foundation (IVF) with their goal to #SaveTheNextVictim.

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