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Help Simply Blood to save 1 Million lives

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His blood was sold illegally, so he built an app to save 1 million lives through the platform. Now he needs YOUR HELP!





Kiran Verma
  • UPDATE : Road Map of Simply Blood for next 5 years

    by Kiran Verma on June, 28 2017



    Dear Supporters,

    We are so happy to see the support we are getting from all of you. We have started working on our Phase-2 of Simply Blood. We are working day/night to make it a better and more useful tool to the mankind.

    We have planned to develop Simply Blood platform in such a way that we can save One Million Potential Lives at a cost under Rs. 1,000,000 (less than $15K) annually after 2020. Which means

    Saving A Life under Re. 1 or ($ 0.015)

    We have planned annual milestones for next 5 years to help us in developing the platform to reach desired as below:

    Phase-1 : We have already spent Rs. 2,00,000 this year (bootstrapped+family and friends)

    Target : 1,000 Potential Lives to be saved (850+ already saved in last 5 months)

    Phase-2 : We are planning to spend Rs. 5 Lakhs to create apps for different OS like iOS, Windows etc. Also, we are going to upgrade the current website and Android app which we are planning to launch in early 2018 along with other versions. (beta version will be out by September End 2017 )

    Target : 10,000 Potential Lives to be saved in 2018

    Phase-3 : We will be raising another Rs. 15 Lakhs (mid 2018) after successful launch of Phase-2 to develop our technology further. The platform will be launched in early 2019.

    Target : 100,000 Potential Lives to be saved in 2019 globally

    Phase-4 : We will be further developing the technology by spending another Rs. 1,000,000 (fundraising will happen in mid 2019) to make sure we are on our way. Proposed launch will take place in early 2020

    Target : 1,000,000 Potential Lives to be saved in 2020

    Phase-5 : We will be raising final Rs. 1,000,000 (in late 2019) to make a strong, robust and the final version of the platform. We will make sure that our technology is going to save every single potential life under Re.1 going forward.

    In 2016, we saved around 13 potential lives from (August to December) through blood donation using our whatsapp groups. Since Jan 2017 we have saved 850+ potential lives in 9 countries.

    We request you all to keep supporting us and keep sharing the app to built a global community of LIFE-SAVERS!

    Meanwhile, you may like to go through the media coverage we got in last few days:

    NavBharat Times (Times Group)

    India Women Blog

    Let's Endorse


    Sulabh Swachh Bharat

    Dainik Jagran - Print

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
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  • World Blood Donor Day - Bleed For Good

    by Kiran Verma on June, 14 2017



    Today 14 June is the World Blood Donor Day and that why we want you all to take a pledge to donate blood to save lives with your blood. We are very Happy to share that different media houses covered us or our journey so far. We are thankful to all the people who shared our story to help us spreading the word around. Below are the links where we have been featured:

    We request you to read, share and support the cause as its very much inportant for us to reach our mission!

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
    Help spread the word!

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About the Fundraiser


December 2016, I got a random call saying that somebody needs blood in a govt hospital in Delhi. I went there and donated blood, after donating blood I got to meet the wife of the patient (who were from Raipur). I was SHOCKED to know that the blood I donated for free was sold to that lady for Rs. 1500. I was broken to know that the lady sold herself to get the treatment done for her husband. The same day, I left my job to pursue this full time and decided to make Blood Donation more transparent process in India.



I started the initiative and named it "Simply Blood" with no scope to earn/make money (this was to stop me to get corrupt). We launched our android app on 29 January 2017 with a humble aim to save 100 potential lives in 2017, but we crossed the numbers in just few days and till now in less than 4 months we have saved more than 700 potential lives at "NO COST" to receiver or blood donor.


In March 2017, I went for a personal loan but was rejected as I was not working anywhere. I went to different political parties and many govt officials to help Simply Blood by providing government aid but I failed to raise even a small amount of Rs. 5 lakh.


Finally I moved to crowd funding where I managed to raise less than Rs. 38,000, around 7% of what we actually needed to run the platform and develop the technology, we are working on for next year.


Yesterday, I closed the campaign with a heavy heart and was ready to mortgage my few small assets to keep going with the platform. However, my post on Linkedin got attention of many people who not just motivated me but also forced me to make a second attempt to raise funds.


Where the funds will be used:

We will be using the funds to develop the platform further and are going to create a BIGGER database of blood donors across the world. The breakup is as below and details of every breakup with be shared here at later stage:

1. App Development (Android, iOS and Windows) - Rs. 1,50,000 (The app will be used across the world). We are taking help from our core team (they are our tech partners and also co-founder) to develop the platform further as we are not willing to take any third party in developing the platform due to some privacy restrictions.

2. Website Creation - Rs. 1,00,000 (This is going to be one of its kind website for blood donation)

3. SMS Service - Rs. 1,20,000 (We are going to buy 6 Lakhs SMS service with life time validity from the current service provider)

4. Domain and Hosting - Rs. 50,000 (We are expecting to get the hosting for next 1 year along with related services in this)

5. Other Expenses - Rs. 80,000 (it includes travelling, helping a needy etc.)

Kindly Note: No money out of the raised amount will be used on personal expenses or to make/earn any profit.


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