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Save a Noble Teacher's Life

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Accident caused severe brain injuries on both sides and the amount required to get him to minimum life is Rs 45 Lakhs


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Krishna Chaithanya
  • 50% Target Amount and Health Update

    by Krishna Chaithanya on July, 15 2018



    Dear all, 

    Because of people like you, We reached 50% of the Target amount. Please help me reach the other half by spreading the word about Campaign in your social media circles. 

    Health Update: 

    Today is post operative day 04 and his activity is bit low today. His Comma score is 4T as against 6T specified in interim summary. Waiting further for improvements. 

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  • Health Update

    by Krishna Chaithanya on July, 12 2018



    Yesterday evening he was operated for inserting shunt in right side of the brain to drain excess cerebro spinal fluid. Doctor Srinivasan informed us that Surgery went well. 

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About the Fundraiser

My father, Kudimi Sivaiah, is a retired government teacher. Teaching is his passion. Born to a very poor family, he always believed that the life he is relishing is a result of direct or indirect contribution from the society. He reflected the same towards those who seek support by lending a helping hand in terms of food, education or money. Sometimes by borrowing from others. 

On the unfortunate afternoon of June 4th, 2018, while my Dad was on his way to bank on a bike, with my mother as pillion, a dog suddenly barged onto the road. To avoid hitting the dog, he turned the handle away and applied brakes hard. This caused the bike to skid and lead to a catastrophic fall. Both my parents were severely injured. Mother suffered a fractured elbow which needed a major surgery to be treated and several skin injuries. She is yet to recover completely. Father, who fell on the road with his chest first, suffered broken ribs and collar bone, along with fractures on the skull. The impact on the skull has caused severe traumatic brain injuries, internal bleeding, and blood clots. Because of which, he had to undergo emergency surgeries like decompressive craniectomy (to accommodate brain swelling) and contusionectomy (to remove blood clots and stop internal bleeding), on the same day at Apollo Hospitals, Greams Road, Chennai, India.

On the following days, he had to undergo Tracheotomy as well, to overcome his breathing difficulties caused by ruptured lung due to the fractured rib bone. He stayed in the Critical Care Unit, fighting for his life for the next coming 18 days. Currently, he is being treated in the Tracheotomy ward, as his condition is slightly improved. But he is still battling for life and yet to come to consciousness. 

According to Dr. P. Srinivasan, a premier Neurosurgeon, who is treating Dad, it might take a minimum time span of 4-8 months for him to show signs of primary recovery (to become conscious). Until then, he needs to be taken care by 24x7 nursing, physiotherapy, continuous medical observation and diagnosis. If not, his condition could deteriorate and all our efforts might go in vain.

Up until now, I have spent around 18,00,000 INR from my father's retirement savings money for his treatment and am able to pool another 5,00,000 INR from my savings, friends, and family for the rest of his treatment. Average tracheotomy ward bill is coming to be around 40,000 INR per day, exclusive of other charges (bills and medical documents are attached for your reference). The estimated cost for the remaining treatment is around 20-25,00,000 INR (twenty-five lakh), as he is needed to undergo multiple surgeries like Cranioplasty, fracture treatment for the rib cage and collarbone, apart from speech and language therapy post his early signs of recovery.

All his life, he supported people and few of them came back when needed. I, being someone who started a career just a year back, it is hard to manage all the financial needs by myself. I have already spent all my meager savings and taken an indefinite leave from my workplace to take care of my parents. Being his only child, he is my world and he made me what I'm today. For me, he is that beautiful person who would pack extra tiffin boxes for his poor students. He is that compassionate man who would go to any length to care for his fellow humans. He is a god fearing citizen, who contributed a lot to the renovation of old temples. He is the backbone of our family. Please help me to save him. The funding I am requesting here through Ketto organization, is to continue his treatment from next two weeks to six months. Please save a teacher's life who have inculcated morals and ethics to hundreds of students during his entire career and striven for the betterment of society.

My sincere gratitude to all!

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